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Big Picture : Idioms As Metaphors

Big Picture : Idioms As Metaphors - 99 edition

Big Picture : Idioms As Metaphors - 99 edition

ISBN13: 9780395917121

ISBN10: 0395917123

Big Picture : Idioms As Metaphors by Kevin King - ISBN 9780395917121
Edition: 99
Copyright: 1999
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
International: No
Big Picture : Idioms As Metaphors by Kevin King - ISBN 9780395917121

ISBN13: 9780395917121

ISBN10: 0395917123

Edition: 99

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Ideal for ESL conversation and vocabulary classes, The Big Picture introduces students to high-frequency idioms using a metaphorical approach. The text features over 200 idioms categorized into eight units: Ideas, Knowledge, Argument, Emotion, Money, Control, People, and Life. Picture It! sections contain illustrations and example sentences that help students visualize and master each idiom's meaning. Numerous activities, progressing from controlled to more open-ended, check comprehension, promote conversation, and provide students with relevant practice. Creative assignments, content-based mini-lectures, and suggested topics for student presentations are also included.

  • Understanding and Using Idioms sections present idioms in relevant contexts - such as simulated academic lectures in science and the humanities - which prepare students for future academic work. Expansion exercises follow each section.
  • Personalized Conversation Questions stimulate discussion among students and promote the active use of targeted idioms.
  • Creative Conversations guided pair activities provide realistic conversational exchanges, while "Sentence Completion" exercises demonstrate the use of idioms in the context of natural language.
  • Writing and Speaking features encourage students to write their own creative conversation questions and discuss them with classmates.
  • American Art 101 sections present artists and their work along with writing practice, and open-ended Rewriting with Idioms exercises focus on paragraphs about the featured artists or art works.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Unit I. Ideas

Chapter 1

Ideas Are Balls: bounce an idea off you, toss out a suggestion, catch (on), kick around, (kick it upstairs), ballpark figure, be on the ball, field questions, put a spin on it
Ideas Are Food: spill the beans; leave a bad taste in my mouth; be full of baloney; go (be) nuts; be (sound) fishy; open a can of worms; food for thought; eat it up; swallow it hook, line, and sinker; put it on a back burner

Chapter 2

Ideas Are Sharp Instruments: a point, drive a hard bargain, hit the nail on the head, not even scratch the surface, be on the cutting edge, be sharp
Ideas Are Commodities (Bought and Sold): a trade-off, influence-peddling, take into account, buy that

Unit II. Knowledge

Chapter 3

Knowledge Is Light: see the light, see it in a whole new light, beyond the shadow of a doubt, it dawned on me, plain as day, shed some light on, in the dark
Knowledge Is a Path: get something across, beat around the bush, along the same lines, jump to conclusions, come straight to the point, on the right track
Knowledge Is Territory: cover a lot of ground, as far as I know, a blanket statement

Unit III. Argument

Chapter 4

An Argument Is a Vehicle: get (be) sidetracked, switch gears, (let me) put it this way, jump in, jump on the bandwagon
An Argument Is a Construction: on shaky ground, not hold water, can't get a word in edgewise
Argument Is Battle: shoot down, stick to your guns, duck the issue, take flak (for)

Unit IV. Emotion

Chapter 5

Emotions Are a Force: knock me out (a knockout), floor me, bowl me over, strike me (as)
Emotional Trauma Is Storm: weather the storm, blow me away, blow over
Extreme Emotion Is Death: kill me, scare me to death, to die for, dying to
Anger Is Explosion: blow up, have a short fuse, blow off some steam
Emotional Normalcy Is Togetherness: pull yourself together, come apart at the seams, fall apart, crack (me) up, cracked (crackpot)

Unit V. Money

Chapter 6

Money Is Blood: make a killing in, to mean business, cut/slash prices, be in the red, cut-throat (competition), pay through the nose
Money Is Food: dough, bread, be peanuts (for peanuts), skim (the) profits

Chapter 7

Money Is Dirty: clean (me) out, clean up, take (me) to the cleaners, money laundering, wipe me out, money-grubber (money-grubbing), filthy rich, hit pay dirt, go down the drain/ tubes
Bottom Is Source (of money): foot the bill, have deep pockets, the bottom line

Unit VI. Control

Chapter 8

Control Is Contact: pin him down, up in the air, get carried away, fly off the handle
Control Is Hand Contact: get a grip, get a hold of yourself, out of my hands, get out of hand, be a soft-touch, hit me up for
Control Is Contact Via Strings: pull strings, string me along, at the end of my rope, cut me some slack, rein in, tied to your mother's apron strings

Unit VII. People

Chapter 9

People Are Food: the cream of the crop, a big cheese, a couch potato, chew out
People Are Animals: weasel out of, wolf down, be a turkey, ahead of the pack, chicken, chicken out, be bullish, be bearish, clam up, monkey with (around), monkey business, black sheep

Unit VIII. Life

Chapter 10

Life Is Journey, Part A
Beginning of Journey: get your feet wet, miss the boat, start out on the wrong foot, pave the way for, get something off the ground, be on the verge of, give someone the green light
End of Journey: end of the line/road, go downhill, it's all downhill from here, pass away

Chapter 11

Life Is a Journey, Part B
Middle of Journey: get cold feet, take it in stride, a social climber, be up and running, on the fast track, follow in someone's footsteps, drag your feet, go through, burn bridges, in the wake of, be in the same boat, don't rock the boat, on board

Chapter 12

Life Is a Journey, Part C
Life Is a Race: run for (office), fall behind, (a lot) riding on it, start from scratch, jump the gun
Constaints on a Journey Are Negative: in a tight spot, between a rock and a hard place, in a rut
Problems Are Barriers to a Journey: run into problems, hit (an age-30, 40, 50...), clear sailing, go through with something, come through for me

Chapter 13

Life Is a Game, Part A - Cards: to ace (a test), deal with, make a deal, Big deal!, wheel and deal (wheeler-dealer), a bum deal, play your cards right, have something up your sleeve, lay your cards on the table, the luck of the draw, deck stacked against you, hold all the cards, to fold, bluff (call your bluff)

Chapter 14

Life Is a Game, Part B - Football, Baseball, Pool: right off the bat, go to bat for, have clout (with), be a hit, hit it off (with someone), play hardball, touch base (with someone)
Football: kick off (something), go for it
Pool: lose your touch, call the shots, give me a break, those are the breaks (of the game), break even, a long shot, not by a long shot

Chapter 15

Life Is a Game, Part C - Sports: have (take) a shot at, be a toss-up, high stakes, the odds are, a level playing field, no sweat, be par for the course, know the ropes, throw in the towel, beat me to the punch, beats me, play ball