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Bioethics : An Anthology

Bioethics : An Anthology - 99 edition

Bioethics : An Anthology - 99 edition

ISBN13: 9780631203117

ISBN10: 0631203117

Bioethics : An Anthology by Helga Kuhse and Peter  Eds. Singer - ISBN 9780631203117
Edition: 99
Copyright: 1999
Publisher: Blackwell Publishers
International: No
Bioethics : An Anthology by Helga Kuhse and Peter  Eds. Singer - ISBN 9780631203117

ISBN13: 9780631203117

ISBN10: 0631203117

Edition: 99

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This volume is a definitive, high-quality, one-volume collection of key primary texts for the study of bioethics. In its structure and content, the Anthology is intended to complement the Companion to Bioethics, edited by the same scholars. Drawing together the most important texts in the field, the volume will be of great value not only to philosophers, students of philosophy, and moral theologians, but also to doctors and nurses, sociologists and lawyers, and others working in health-care and biomedical sciences. Broadly based and of direct relevance to modern health-care dilemmas, Bioethics: An Anthology will also be of interest to the general reader.

Equipped with an extensive index and covering all the relevant areas in bioethics, this volume provides an accessible overview of the subject matter and serves as a reference work, making a unique contribution to the field by collecting the key texts on such varied topics as the new genetics and reproductive technologies, euthanasia, AIDS, animal and human experimentation, nursing ethics and medical ethics, and the teaching and practice of bioethics.

Author Bio

Kuhse, Helga (Ed.) : Monash University

Helga Kuhse is the Director of the Centre for Human Bioethics at Monash University, Australia. She has published widely in the field of bioethics and is co-founder of the International Association of Bioethics. She edits Monash Bioethics Review and, with Peter Singer, the international journal, Bioethics.

Singer, Peter (Ed.) : Princeton University

Peter Singer is Ira W. DeCamp Professor of Bioethics at the University Center for Human Values, Princeton University. He is the author of Animal Liberation, first published in 1975, and is widely credited with triggering the modern animal-rights movement. His Practical Ethics is one of the most widely used texts in applied ethics, and Rethinking Life and Death received the 1995 National Book Council's Banjo Award for non-fiction. He was the foundation president of the International Association of Bioethics.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Part I. Before Birth : Abortion

1. Abortion and Health Care Ethics : John Finnis.
2. Abortion and Infanticide : Michael Tooley.
3. A Defense of Abortion : Judith Jarvis Thomson.
4. Why Abortion is Immoral : Don Marquis.
5. Rules of War and Moral Understanding : Abortion : R.M. Hare.

Mother-Fetus Conflict

6. Are Pregnant Women Fetal Containers? : Laura M. Purdy.

Part II. Issues in Reproduction : Assisted Reproduction

7. Case Study : Becoming IVF Parents : For and Against : Jan and Len Brennan.
8. IVF : A Debate : Margaret Tighe, Nicholas Tonti-Filippini, Robyn Rowland and Peter Singer.
9. Surrogate Mothering : Exploitation or Empowerment? : Laura M. Purdy.
10. A Response to Purdy : Susan Dodds and Karen Jones.
11. An Ethical Debate : Should Older Women Be Offered In Vitro Fertilization? : Tony Hope, Gill Lockwood, Michael Lockwood, Jennifer Jackson and Susan Bewley.
12. Pre-Natal Screening, Sex Selection and Cloning : Can Having Children be Immoral? : Laura M. Purdy.
13. Prenatal Screening and Its Impact on Persons with Disabilities : Deborah Kaplan.
14. Sex Selection : Individual Choice or Cultural Coercion? : Mary Anne Warren.
15.'Goodbye Dolly?' The Ethics of Human Cloning : John Harris.

Part III. The New Genetics

16. Ethical Issues in Manipulating the Human Germ Line : Marc Lappé.
17. Is Gene Therapy a Form of Eugenics? : John Harris.
18. Liberal Eugenics : Nicholas Agar.
19. Lessons from a Dark and Distant Past : Benno Müller-Hill.

Part IV. Life and Death Issues


20. The Sanctity of Life : Jonathan Glover.
21. Declaration on Euthanasia : Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

Killing and Letting Die

22. The Morality of Killing : A Traditional View : Germain Grisez and Joseph M. Boyle, Jr.
23. Whatever the Consequences : Jonathan Bennett.
24. Active and Passive Euthanasia : James Rachels.
25. Is Killing No Worse Than Letting Die? Winston Nesbitt.
26. Why Killing is Not Always Worse - And Sometimes Better - Than Letting Die : Helga Kuhse.

Severely Disabled Newborns

27. When Care Cannot Cure : Medical Problems in Seriously Ill Babies : Neil Campbell.
28. A Modern Myth : That Letting Die is Not the Intentional Causation of Death : Helga Kuhse.
29. The Abnormal Child : Moral Dilemmas of Doctors and Parents : R. M. Hare.
30. Measuring Quality of Life in Theory and in Practice : Paula Boddington and Tessa Podpadec.
31. Right to Life of Handicapped : Alison Davis.

Brain Death : A Definition of Irreversible Coma

32. Ad Hoc Committee of Harvard Medical School.
33. Is the Sanctity of Life Terminally Ill? Peter Singer.
34. Life Past Reason : Ronald Dworkin.
35. Dworkin on Dementia : Elegant Theory, Questionable Policy : Rebecca Dresser.

Voluntary Euthanasia and Medically Assisted Suicide :

36. The Note : Chris Hill.
37. When Self-Determination Runs Amok : Daniel Callahan.
38. Listening and Helping to Die : the Dutch Way : Pieter Admiraal.
39. Is There a Duty to Die? John Hardwig.

Part V. Resource Allocation

40. Rescuing Lives : Can't We Count? Paul T. Menzel.
41. The Allocation of Exotic Medical Lifesaving Therapy : Nicholas Rescher.
42. The Value of Life : John Harris.
43. In Defense of Ageism : A.B. Shaw.

Part VI. Organ Donation

44. Why Give to Strangers? Richard M. Titmuss.
45. Organ Donation and Retrieval : Whose Body is it Anyway? Eike-Henner W. Kluge.
46. Legalizing Payment for Transplantable Cadaveric Organs : James F. Blumstein.
47. The Survival Lottery : John Harris.
48. Is Xenotransplantation Morally Wrong? A. L. Caplan.
49. Xenotransplantation and Speciesism : Peter Singer.

Part VII. Experimentation with Human Subjects

50. Ethics and Clinical Research? : Henry K. Beecher.
51. Equipoise and the Ethics of Clinical Research : Benjamin Freedman.
52. The Patient and the Public Good : Samuel Hellman.
53. Patient Access to Experimental Drugs and AIDS Clinical Trial Designs : Ethical Issues : Udo Schüklenk and Carlton Hogan.
54. The Morality of Clinical Research : a Case Study : Torbjörrn Tönnsjo.

Part VIII. Experimentation with Animals

55. Duties in Regard to Animals : Immanuel Kant.
56. A Utilitarian View : Jeremy Bentham.
57. All Animals are Equal : Peter Singer.
58. Vivisection, Morals and Medicine : An Exchange : R. G. Frey and Sir William Paton.

Part IX. Ethical Issues in the Practice of Health Care : Confidentiality

59. Tarasoff v. Regents of the University of California.
60. Confidentiality in Medicine : A Decrepit Concept : Mark Siegler.
61. Confidentiality and the AMA's New Code of Ethics : An Imprudent Formulation? Helga Kuhse.


62. On a Supposed Right to Lie from Altruistic Motives : Immanuel Kant.
63. Should Doctors Tell the Truth? Joseph Collins.
64. On Telling Patients the Truth : Roger Higgs.

Informed Consent and Patient Autonomy

65. On Liberty : John Stuart Mill.
66. From Schloendorff v. New York Hospital : Benjamin N. Cardozo.
67. Autonomy, Futility, and the Limits of Medicine : Robert L. Schwartz.
68. Abandoning Informed Consent : Robert M. Veatch.
69. Rational Desires and the Limitation of Life-sustaining Treatment : Julian Savulescu.

Part X. Special Issues Facing Nurses

70. One Nurse's Story : What I Had to Do for My Patient Mac : Barbara Huttmann.
71. Ethical Dilemmas for Nurses : Physicians' Orders versus Patients' Rights : E. Joy Kroeger-Mappes.
72. In Defense of the Traditional Nurse : Lisa H. Newton.

Part XI. Ethicists and Ethics Committees

73. When Philosophers Shoot from the Hip : James Rachels.
74. Ethics Consultation as Moral Engagement : Jonathan Moreno.
75. Ethics Committees : Decisions by Bureaucracy : Mark Siegler.
76. Truth or Consequences : The Role of Philosophers in Policy-Making : Dan W. Brock.


Other Editions of Bioethics : An Anthology

Bioethics: Anthology by Helga Kuhse - ISBN 9781405129480