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Biological Anthropology

Biological Anthropology - 2nd edition

Biological Anthropology - 2nd edition

ISBN13: 9780767405126

ISBN10: 0767405129

Biological Anthropology by Michael Alan Park - ISBN 9780767405126
Edition: 2ND 99
Copyright: 1999
Publisher: Mayfield Publishing Co.
International: No
Biological Anthropology by Michael Alan Park - ISBN 9780767405126

ISBN13: 9780767405126

ISBN10: 0767405129

Edition: 2ND 99

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The only concise introduction to biological (physical) anthropology written from the ground up, this text discusses the core areas of the discipline within a unique framework modeled on the scientific method. Each chapter poses questions that get at the heart of the field, answers them, and reexamines both the questions and the answers in the same way that scientists generate and test hypotheses.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

To the Instructor
To the Reader

1. Biological Anthropology

In the Field: Doing Biological Anthropology
What Is Biological Anthropology?
Bioanthropology and Science
The Scientific Method
Belief Systems
Contemporary Reflections: Is Evolution a Fact or Theory?

2. The Evolution of Evolution

"On the Shoulders of Giants": Explaining the Changing Earth
"Common Sense at Its Best": Explaining Biological Change
Contemporary Reflections: Has Science Dehumanized Society?

3. Evolutionary Genetics

How Genes Work
From Gene to Trait
How Inheritance Works
Contemporary Reflections: Is It Really Possible to Clone Dinosaurs and Humans?

4. The Processes of Evolution

Species: The Units of Evolution
Mutations: Necessary Errors
Natural Selection: The Prime Mover of Evolution
Gene Flow: Mixing Populations
Genetic Drift: Random Evolution
Sickle Cell Anemia: Evolutionary Processes in Action
Contemporary Reflections: Are Humans Still Evolving?

5. The Origin of Species and the Shape of Evolution

New Species
Adaptive Radiation: The Evolution of Life's Diversity
The Shape of the Family Tree
Evolution Questioned: The Pseudoscience of "Scientific Creationism"
Contemporary Reflections: Can We See Evolution in Action?

6. A Brief Evolutionary Timetable

From the Beginning: A Quick History
Drifting Continents and Mass Extinctions: The Pace of Change
Contemporary Reflections: Are Mass Extinctions a Thing of the Past?

7. The Primates

Naming the Animals
What Is a Primate?
The Senses
Behavior Patterns
A Survey of the Living Primates
The Human Primate
The Senses
Behavior Patterns
Contemporary Reflections: Should Nonhuman Primates Have Rights?

8. Primate Behavior and Human Evolution

Studying Behavior
Contemporary Reflections: Are Some Human Behaviors Genetic?

9. Studying the Human Past

Bones: The Primate Skeleton
Old Bones: Locating, Recovering, and Dating Fossils
How Fossils Get to Be Fossils
Genes: New Windows to the Past
Contemporary Reflections: Who Owns Old Bones?

10. Evolution of the Hominids

The Origin and Evolution of the Primates
The First Hominids: The Bipedal Primate
The Hominids Evolve
The First Members of Genus Homo
Contemporary Reflections: Where Is the Missing Link?

11. The Evolution of the Genus Homo

Lumpers and Splitters: An Organizing Plan
To New Lands
Big Brains, Archaic Skulls
The Neanderthals
Modern Humans
Contemporary Reflections: What Do We Mean by "Human"?

12. The Debate Over Modern Human Origins

The Models
The Recent African Origin Model (RAO)
The Multiregional Evolution Model (MRE)
The Evidence
The Fossil Record
Evolutionary Theory
Is There an Alternative Model?
Race and Modern Human Origins
Contemporary Reflections: Who Was Eve?

13. The Study of Living Peoples

Genes in Populations
Evolution in Populations
Describing Populations
Human Adaptations
Species Adaptations
Variation in Adaptations
Are All Polymorphisms Adaptively Important?
Disease and Human Populations
The Bioanthropology of Individuals
Contemporary Reflections: Where Is the Population Crisis?

14. Human Biological Diversity

Sex and Gender
Race as a Biological Concept
Are There Human Races?
What, Then, Are Human Races?
Race, Bioanthropology, and Social Issues
Contemporary Reflections: Are There Racial Differences in Athletic Ability?

15. Biological Anthropology: Applications and Lessons

Forensic Anthropology: Reading the Bones
Lessons From the Past
Contemporary Reflections: What Can One Do with a Degree in Bioanthropology?
In every chapter: Summary Key Terms Suggested Readings

Glossary of Human and Nonhuman Primates
Glossary of Terms

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