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Biological Investigations

Biological Investigations - 7th edition

Biological Investigations - 7th edition

ISBN13: 9780072552850

ISBN10: 0072552859

Biological Investigations by Warren D. Dolphin - ISBN 9780072552850
Cover type: Spiral
Edition: 7TH 05
Copyright: 2005
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Publishing Company
International: No
Biological Investigations by Warren D. Dolphin - ISBN 9780072552850

ISBN13: 9780072552850

ISBN10: 0072552859

Cover type: Spiral
Edition: 7TH 05

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This lab manual is for a one or two-semester majors level general biology lab and can be used with any majors-level general biology textbook. The labs are investigative and ask students to use more critical thinking and hands-on learning. The author emphasizes investigative, quantitative, and comparative approaches to studying the life sciences.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1 Science: A Way of Gathering Knowledge

2 Techniques in Microscopy

3 Cellular Structure Reflects Function

4 Determining How Materials Enter Cells

5 Using Quantitative Techniques and Statistics

6 Modeling Biological Molecules

7 Determining the Properties of an Enzyme

8 Measuring Cellular Respiration

9 Determining Chromosome Number in Mitotic Cells

10 Observing Meiosis and Determining Cross-Over Frequency

11 Determining Genotypes of Fruit Flies

12 Isolating DNA and Working with Plasmids

13 Testing Assumptions in Microevolution and Inducing Mutations

14 Working with Diverse Bacteria

15 Diversity Among Protists

16 Investigating Plant Phylogeny: Seedless Plants

17 Investigating Plant Phylogeny: Seed Plants

18 Observing Fungal Diversity and Symbiotic Relationships

19 Investigating Early Events in Animal Development

20 Animal Phylogeny: Investigating Animal Body Plans

21 Protostomes I: Lophotrochozoans and Development of Complexity

22 Protostomes II: Ecdysozoa and Great Diversity

23 Deuterostomes and the Origins of Vertebrates

24 Investigating Plant Tissues and Primary Root Structure

25 Investigating Primary Roots, Stems and Secondary Growth

26 Investigating Leaf Structure and Photosynthesis

27 Angiosperm Reproduction, Germination, and Development

Interchapter Investigating Animal Form and Function

28 Investigating Digestive and Gas Exchange Systems

29 Investigating Circulatory Systems

30 Investigating the Mammalian Urogenital System

31 Investigating the Properties of Muscle and Skeletal Systems

32 Investigating Nervous and Sensory Systems

33 Statistically Analyzing Simple Behaviors

34 Estimating Population Size and Growth

Appendix A Significant Figures and Rounding

Appendix B Making Graphs

Appendix C Simple Statistics

Appendix D Writing Lab Reports and Scientific Papers