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Biological Science

Biological Science - 3rd edition

Biological Science - 3rd edition

ISBN13: 9780321543271

ISBN10: 0321543270

Biological Science by Scott Freeman - ISBN 9780321543271
Cover type: Hardback
Edition: 3RD 08
Copyright: 2008
Publisher: Prentice Hall, Inc.
International: No
Biological Science by Scott Freeman - ISBN 9780321543271

ISBN13: 9780321543271

ISBN10: 0321543270

Cover type: Hardback
Edition: 3RD 08

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Biological Science by Scott Freeman is infused with the spirit of inquiry. This 3rd edition text presents the unifying concepts and method of analysis, and helps readers learn and think like biologists. Teaching readers the fundamentals while introducing them to the excitement that drives the science. Giving readers the tools they need for success in understanding more advanced subjects. A nine-part organization covers topics under the general headings of: the origin and early evolution of life, cell functions, gene structure and expression, developmental biology, evolutionary patterns and processes, the diversification of life, how plants work, how animals work, and ecology. For science enthusiasts who want to be inspired with a sense of wonder and excitement that makes learning about biology interesting and fun.

Author Bio

Scott Freeman

Scott Freeman received his Ph.D. in Zoology from the University of Washington and was subsequently awarded an Albert Sloan Postdoctoral Fellowship in Molecular Evolution at Princeton University. His research publications explore a range of topics, including the behavioral ecology of nest parasitism and the molecular systematics of the blackbird family. Scott teaches the majors' general biology course as a Lecturer at the University of Washington. He assisted in the groundbreaking and influential redesign of the course, which emphasizes an inquiry-based appraoch and the logic of experimental design. With Jon Herron, Scott is co-author of the standard-setting Evolutionary Analysis, which over 50,000 students have used to explore evolution with the same spirit of inquiry. He is currently conducting research on how active learning and peer teaching techniques affect student learning.

Kim Quillin

Illustrator, Kim Quillin, combines expertise in biology and information design to create lucid and scientifically accurate visual

representations of biological principles. She received her B.A. in Biology at Oberlin College and her Ph.D. in Integrative Biology

(as a National Science Foundation Graduate Fellow) from the University of California, Berkeley, and has taught undergraduate biology at both schools.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1 Biology and the Tree of Life

Unit 1

The Molecules of Life

2 Water and Carbon: The Chemical Basis of Life

3 Protein Structure and Function

4 Nucleic Acids and the RNA World

5 An Introduction to Carbohydrates

6 Lipids, Membranes, and the First Cells

Unit 2

Cell Structure and Function

7 Inside the Cell

8 Cell-Cell Interactions

9 Cellular Respiration and Fermentation

10 Photosynthesis

11 The Cell Cycle

Unit 3

Gene Structure and Expression

12 Meiosis

13 Mendel and the Gene

14 DNA and the Gene: Synthesis and Repair

15 How Genes Work

16 Transcription and Translation

17 Control of Gene Expression in Bacteria

18 Control of Gene Expression in Eukaryotes

19 Analyzing and Engineering Genes

20 Genomics

Unit 4

Developmental Biology

21 Principles of Development

22 An Introduction to Animal Development

23 An Introduction to Plant Development

Unit 5

Evolutionary Processes and Patterns

24 Evolution by Natural Selection

25 Evolutionary Processes

26 Speciation

27 Phylogenies and the History of Life

Unit 6

The Diversification of Life

28 Bacteria and Archaea

29 Protists

30 Green Plants

31 Fungi

32 An Introduction to Animals

33 Protostome Animals

34 Deuterostome Animals

35 Viruses

Unit 7

How Plants Work

36 Plant Form and Function

37 Water and Sugar Transport in Plants

38 Plant Nutrition

39 Plant Sensory Systems, Signals, and Responses

40 Plant Reproduction

Unit 8

How Animals Work

41 Animal Form and Function

42 Water and Electrolyte Balance in Animals

43 Animal Nutrition

44 Gas Exchange and Circulation

45 Electrical Signals in Animals

46 Animal Sensory Systems and Movement

47 Chemical Signals in Animals

48 Animal Reproduction

49 The Immune System in Animals

Unit 9


50 An Introduction to Ecology

51 Behavior

52 Population Ecology

53 Community Ecology

54 Ecosystems

55 Biodiversity and Conservation