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Biology for Dummies

Biology for Dummies - 01 edition

Biology for Dummies - 01 edition

ISBN13: 9780764553264

ISBN10: 0764553267

Biology for Dummies by Donna Rae Siegfried - ISBN 9780764553264
Edition: 01
Copyright: 2001
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
International: No
Biology for Dummies by Donna Rae Siegfried - ISBN 9780764553264

ISBN13: 9780764553264

ISBN10: 0764553267

Edition: 01

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All U.S. students study natural science to prepare for college -- and a knowledge of biology can help people better understand recent advances in biotechnology, the theory of evolution, an their own plain-English explanations and practical examples, and is filled with tips for remembering scientific jargon like mitosis, meiosis, and photosynthesis.

Author Bio

Siegried, Donna Rae :

Donna Rae Siegried has written about pharmaceutical and medical topics for 15 years in publications including Prevention, Runner's World, Men's Health, and Organic Gardening. She has taught anatomy and physiology at the college level.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

About This Book.
Conventions Used in This Book.
What You're Not to Read.
Foolish Assumptions.
How This Book Is Organized.
Icons Used in This Book.
Where to Go from Here.

PART I: Biology Basics: Organizing Life.

Chapter 1: Just How Life Is Studied.
Chapter 2: The Fundamental Units of Life: Cells.
Chapter 3: A (Very) Quick Review of Basic Chemistry.
Chapter 4: Macromolecules (The Big Ones).

PART II: Living Things Need Energy.

Chapter 5: Acquiring Energy to Fill the Tank.
Chapter 6: Using Energy to Keep the Motor Running.

PART III: Living Things Need to Metabolize.

Chapter 7: Taxi! Transport of Nutrients.
Chapter 8: Take a Deep Breath: Gas Exchange.
Chapter 9: Throwing Out the Trash: Eliminating Waste to Maintain Homeostasis.
Chapter 10: Better Living Through Biology.

PART IV: Let's Talk About Sex, Baby.

Chapter 11: Dividing to Conquer: Cell Division.
Chapter 12: Making More Plants.
Chapter 13: Making More Animals.
Chapter 14: Making Mendel Proud: Understanding Genetics.

PART V: Ch-, Ch-, Ch-, Changes: Species Development and Evolution.

Chapter 15: Differentiating Differentiation and Development.
Chapter 16: Changing World, Evolving Species.

PART VI: Ecology and Ecosystems.

Chapter 17: Sharing the Globe: How Organisms Get Along.
Chapter 18: Living with Little Buggers: Bacteria, Viruses, and Insects.

PART VII: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 19: Ten Great Biology Discoveries.
Chapter 20: Ten Great Biology Web Sites.
Chapter 21: Ten Interesting Biology Facts.
Appendix A: Classification of Living Things.
Appendix B: Units of Measure.
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Biology for Dummies by Donna Rae Siegfried - ISBN 9780470598757