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Biology of the Invertebrates

Biology of the Invertebrates - 3rd edition

Biology of the Invertebrates - 3rd edition

ISBN13: 9780697137128

ISBN10: 0697137120

Biology of the Invertebrates by Jan A. Pechenik - ISBN 9780697137128
Edition: 3RD 96
Copyright: 1996
Publisher: W.C.Brown Pub.Co.
International: No
Biology of the Invertebrates by Jan A. Pechenik - ISBN 9780697137128

ISBN13: 9780697137128

ISBN10: 0697137120

Edition: 3RD 96

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This new edition is the most readable invertebrate biology text you'll find. Respected author Jan Pechenik has designed Biology of the Invertebrates for one-quarter and one- semester courses. The text covers all phyla of invertebrates; emphasizes the unifying characteristics within each group; and prepares students to read and understand the primary research literature. All chapters in the third edition contain excellent reference sections that have been updated to reflect the latest information about physiology, systematics, and phylogenetic relationships. You'll also find material covering recent findings using molecular techniques.
Comprehensive coverage.
--Chapter 3, The Protozoan Protists, has been completely reworked to reflect new developments in the understanding of protozoan relationships.
--Chapter 8, The Flatworms, includes a new section covering the evolution of the trematode life cycle.
--Chapter 18, The Arthropods, has been expanded, and now includes a section examining the lifestyles of the social insects.
--New research focus boxes highlight the most up-to-date and interesting information in the field of invertebrate biology.
Professional visuals.
--The numerous, professional visuals in Biology of the Invertebrates are crisp, accurate, and beautifully drawn. Many of the new images are drawn directly from recent primary research literature. Morphological detail and physiological processes are clarified by adding a second color to black-and-white images.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1 Environmental Considerations

2 Invertebrate Classification

3 The Protozoan Protists

4 The Poriferans and Placozoans

5 The Cnidarians

6 The Ctenophores

7 The Platyhelminthes

8 Two Possible Flatworm Relatives: Gnathostomulids and Mesozoans

9 Introduction to the Hydrostatic Skeleton

10 The Nemertines

11 The Nematodes

12 Three Phyla of Uncertain Affiliation: Nematomorpha, Acanthocephala, and Priapulida

13 The Rotifers and Three Related Phyla

14 The Molluscs

15 The Annelids

16 Echiurans and Sipunculans--Likely Annelid Relatives

17 The Pogonophorans

18 The Arthropods

19 Two More Phyla of Uncertain Affiliation: Tardigrades and Onychophorans

20 The Lophophorates (Phoronids, Brachiopods, Bryozoans) and Entoprocts

21 The Echinoderms

22 The Chaetognaths

23 The Hemichordates

24 The Nonvertebrate Chordates

25 Invertebrate Reproduction and Development--An Overview

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Biology of Invertebrates by Jan A. Pechenik - ISBN 9780070122048