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Black Death: The Great Mortality of 1348-1350

Black Death: The Great Mortality of 1348-1350 - 05 edition

Black Death: The Great Mortality of 1348-1350 - 05 edition

ISBN13: 9780312400873

ISBN10: 031240087X

Black Death: The Great Mortality of 1348-1350 by John Aberth - ISBN 9780312400873
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 05
Copyright: 2005
Publisher: Bedford Books
International: No
Black Death: The Great Mortality of 1348-1350 by John Aberth - ISBN 9780312400873

ISBN13: 9780312400873

ISBN10: 031240087X

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 05
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A fascinating account of the phenomenon known as the Black Death, this volume offers a wealth of documentary material focused on the initial outbreak of the plague that ravaged the world in the fourteenth century. A comprehensive introduction that provides important background on the origins and spread of the plague is followed by nearly 50 documents organized into topical sections that focus on the origin and spread of the illness; the responses of medical practitioners; the societal and economic impact; religious responses; the flagellant movement and attacks on Jews provoked by the plague; and the artistic response. Each chapter has an introduction that summarizes the issues explored in the documents; headnotes to the documents provide additional background material. The book contains documents from many countries -- including Muslim and Byzantine sources -- to give students a variety of perspectives on this devastating illness and its consequences. The volume also includes illustrations, a chronology of the Black Death, questions to consider, a selected bibliography, and an index.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


The Black Death as Historical Event
Historical Significance of the Black Death
Studying Medieval Sources

PART TWO The Documents
1. Geographical Origins of the Plague

1. Nicephorus Gregoras, Byzantine History, 1347-1348
2. Ibn al-Wardi, Essay on the Report of the Pestilence, c. 1348
3. Giovanni Villani, Chronicle, c. 1348
4. Louis Sanctus, Letter, April 1348

2. Symptoms and Transmission

5. Michele da Piazza, Chronicle, 1347-1348
6. Giovanni Boccaccio, The Decameron, 1348
7. Louis Sanctus, Letter, April 1348
8. John VI Kantakouzenos, History, 1347-1348

3. Medical Responses

9. Medical Faculty of the University of Paris, Consultation, October 1348
10. Alfonso de Córdoba, Letter and Regimen concerning the Pestilence, c. 1348
11. Gentile da Foligno, Short Casebook, 1348
12. Jacme d'Agramont, Regimen of Protection against Epidemics, April 1348
13. Ibn Khatima, Description and Remedy for Escaping the Plague, February 1349
14. Gui de Chauliac, Great Surgery, 1348

4. Societal and Economic Impact

15. Francesco Petrarch, Letters on Familiar Matters, May 1349
16. Giovanni Boccaccio, The Decameron, 1348
17. Agnolo di Tura, Sienese Chronicle, 1348
18. Jean de Venette, Chronicle, 1348
19. Al-Maqrizi, History of the Ayyubids and Mamluks, 1349
20. Siena, Ordinance of May 1349
21. Castile, Ordinance of the Cortes, 1351
22. Wiltshire, England, Assize Roll of Labor Offenders, 1352

5. Religious Mentalities

23. Gabriele de Mussis, History of the Plague, 1348
24. Michele da Piazza, Chronicle, 1347-1348
25. Simon Islip, Archbishop of Canterbury, Effrenata (Unbridled), May 1350
26. Rochester and Ely, Post-Plague Parish Poverty, 1349
27. Libertus of Monte Feche, Last Will and Testament, September 1348
28. Ibn Kathir, History of Islam, June-October 1348
29. Ibn al-Wardi, Essay on the Report of the Pestilence, c. 1348
30. Ibn al-Khatib, A Very Useful Inquiry into the Horrible Sickness, c. 1348

6. The Psyche of Hysteria

The Flagellants
31. Heinrich of Herford, Book of Memorable Matters, 1349
32. Fritsche Closener, Chronicle, 1349
33. Gilles li Muisis, Chronicle, 1349-1350
34. King Philip VI of France, Mandate to Suppress the Flagellants, February 1350
Jewish Pogroms
35. King Pedro IV of Aragon, Response to Jewish Pogrom of Tárrega, December 1349
36. Takkanoth (Accord) of Barcelona, September 1354
37. Interrogation of the Jews of Savoy, September-October 1348
38. Mathias of Neuenburg, Writings, January-February 1349
39. Konrad of Megenberg, Treatise concerning the Mortality in Germany, c. 1350
40. Pope Clement VI, Sicut Judeis (Mandate to Protect the Jews), October 1348

7. The Artistic Response

The Dance of Death
41. The Great Chronicle of France, 1348
42. John Lydgate, The Dance of Death, c. 1430
43. St. Andrew's Church, Norwich, Death as Chess Player, c. 1500
Transi Tombs
44. François de la Sarra, Tomb at La Sarraz, Switzerland, c. 1390
45. Archbishop Henry Chichele, Tomb at Canterbury Cathedral, c. 1425
46. A Disputacioun betwyx the Body and Wormes, c. 1450
Chronology of the First Black Death Outbreak (1347-1363)
Questions for Consideration
Selected Bibliography

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Black Death, The Great Mortality of 1348-1350: Brief History with Documents by John Aberth - ISBN 9781319048877