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Management and Information Systems for the Information Age-Text Only

Management and Information Systems for the Information Age-Text Only - 4th edition

Management and Information Systems for the Information Age-Text Only - 4th edition

Management and Information Systems for the Information Age-Text Only by Stephen Haag, Maeve Cummings and Donald J. McCubbrey - ISBN
Edition: 4TH 04
Copyright: 2004
Publisher: Richard D. Irwin, Inc.
International: No
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Organized like no other text to provide flexibility in the order and depth of coverage. Core chapters focus on consistent principles, while Extended Learning Modules go deeper into specific technology. Haag also knows that students will spend some time as knowledge workers before becoming managers and delivers concepts from both perspectives. The textbook web site and instructor support material is among the best available.


  • Nine Extended Learning Modules will accompany the nine core chapters to round out the technical coverage.
  • Greater emphasis on E-Business-NEW Chapter 2 on E-Business Horizons in addition to an extended learning module on E-Business Technologies will round out the coverage.
  • Interactive Learning Environment. The Fourth Edition will add interactive learning exercises (30) to launch the chapter opening case studies, the chapter ending case studies, the individual electronic commerce projects, and the Real HOT Group projects. These will be developed to get students to think then respond so that class responses can be collectively monitored.
  • "Dot-com" Industry Perspectives have been modified to reflect the shortcomings of poor business planning and unreal business models.(Transportation, manufacturing, entertainment and publishing, hospitality and leisure, IT and telecommunications, financial services, retail, and health care). Each chapter contains a dot-com Industry Perspective along with 3-4 other industry types.
  • PowerWeb. This online resource provides high quality, peer-reviewed content including up-to-date articles from leading periodicals and journals, current news, weekly updates with assessment, interactive exercises, Web research guide, study tips, and much more! PowerWeb is available packaged with a McGraw-Hill text or for online purchase from the Web site
  • Primis Online. This title will be part of the Primis Online Database: Professors can customize this book to meet their exact needs and mix and match with other items on Primis Online--allowing them maximum choice and flexibility. Instructors can choose between two delivery formats: custom printed books (in black and white) or custom eBooks (in color).
  • Real HOT Electronic Commerce Projects and Real HOT Group Projects have been updated and improved per reviewer feedback. The Individual E-Commerce Projects and the Real HOT Group Projects will be clustered by themselves, at the end of the core chapters and modules. Neither individual or group projects require mastery of chapters for completion. More and more support for the projects will be put on the Web.

Author Bio

Haag, Stephen : University of Denver

Cummings, Maeve : Pittsburg State Universty

McCubbrey, Donald J. : University of Denver

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The Information Age in Which You Live:

Changing the Face of Business
Extended Learning Module A. Computer Hardware and Software

Chapter 2 Strategic and Competitive Opportunities:

Using IT for Competitive Advantage
Extended Learning Module B. The World Wide Web and the Internet

Chapter 3 Databases and Data Warehouses

Building Business Intelligence
Extended Learning Module C. Designing Databases and Entity-Relationship Diagramming

Chapter 4 Decision Support and Artificial Intelligence:

Brainpower for Your Business
Extended Learning Module D. Decision Analysis with Spreadsheet Software

Chapter 5 Electronic Commerce

Strategies for the New Economy
Extended Learning Module E. Network Basics

Chapter 6 Systems Development

Steps, Tools, and Techniques
Extended Module F. Building a Web Page with HTML

Chapter 7 IT Infrastructures

Business-Driven Technology
Extended Module G. Object-Oriented Technologies

Chapter 8 Protecting People and Information

Threats and Safeguards
Extended Module H. Computer Crime and Forensics

Chapter 9 Emerging Trends and Technologies

Business, People, and Technology Tomorrow
Extended Module I. Building an E-Portfolio
Extended Module J. Implementing a Database with Microsoft Access
Real Hot Group Projects