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Psychology : An Introduction / With CD

Psychology : An Introduction / With CD - 8th edition

Psychology : An Introduction / With CD - 8th edition

Psychology : An Introduction / With CD by Benjamin B. Lahey - ISBN
Edition: 8TH 04
Copyright: 2004
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Publishing Company
International: No
Psychology : An Introduction / With CD by Benjamin B. Lahey - ISBN
Edition: 8TH 04
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LAHEY IS LEARNING. Ben Lahey, respected researcher and author, helps students succeed in mastering the basics of psychology through engaging writing and a proven learning system. Lahey's Psychology incorporates multiple features that psychological research shows increases learning while improving memory.

Each part begins with a visual outline of the information in that part of the book. Every chapter begins with an advance organizer that tells students what the chapter will cover in general terms. Each chapter's main section ends with a review for cognitive enhancement, a self-quiz to check the learning of facts, and critical thinking questions to encourage deep processing to improve memory. Chapters end with a hierarchical outline to remind students of the conceptual organization of the information. In short, the advance organizers tell students what they are going to learn, the text teaches them, and the reviews remind them of what they have learned and allow students to check on their learning. This is an approach you can trust your students will learn from effectively!

New to This Edition:

  • Visual "advance organizer." The opening page to each major section of the text now contains a visual overview of the conceptual organization of the information presented in that section. Studies have shown that viewing an advance organizer before reading a passage increases retention of the content of the passage.
  • Increased coverage of positive psychology and evolutionary psychology, which are two of the hottest areas in psychology.
  • New Information on developmental changes in the brain and their relations to changes in behavior and mental processes has been added to keep the book in step with the advances in psychology.


  • Proven pedagogical design -each chapter begins with an "advance organizer" that provides the student with a cognitive structure on which to hang new information. Section reviews reinforce the cognitive structure, self-quizzes check the learning of facts, and critical thinking questions encourage deep processing.
  • Quality Research -- Ben Lahey is an experienced researcher who knows how to evaluate new evidence in psychology. This ensures accurate and timely scholarship that instructors can trust.
  • Practice Tests are packaged with each copy of the text to help students in exam preparation and to aid in overcoming test anxiety.
  • Study Skills Pre-Chapter is included to help students learn and apply good study habits that will lead to success in this and future courses.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Part 1: Introduction

1. What is Psychology
2. Research Methods in Psychology
3. Biological Foundations of Behavior

Part 2: Awareness

4. Sensation and Perception
5. States of Consciousness

Part 3: Learning and Cognition

6. Basic Principles of Learning
7. Memory
8. Cognition, Language, and Intelligence

Part 4: The Life Span

9. Developmental Psychology

Part 5: The Self

10. Motivation and Emotion
11. Gender and Sexuality
12. Personality Theories and Assessment

Part 6: Health and Adjustment

13: Stress and Health
14: Abnormal Behavior
15: Therapies

Part 7: The Social Context

16: Social Psychology
17: Psychology Applied to Business and Other Professions

Name Index
Subject Index