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Art of Leadership, Combined

Art of Leadership, Combined - rev edition

Art of Leadership, Combined - rev edition

Art of Leadership, Combined by Roger Neugebauer and Bonnie Neugebauer - ISBN
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: REV 03
Copyright: 2003
Publisher: Exchange Press, Inc.
International: No
Art of Leadership, Combined by Roger Neugebauer and Bonnie Neugebauer - ISBN
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: REV 03

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This 370-page resource is a practical, hands-on real-world guide for child care administrators. Included are 93 articles written by 63 recognized experts on child care administration as well as ideas from over 200 of our nation's most successful, professional directors. This is a must-have resource for effective management of early childhood programs.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

by Bonnie Neugebauer

Chapter 1 - Leading an Organization

Are You An Effective Leader?
by Roger Neugebauer

Being a Boss
by Roger Neugebauer

Growing a Vision: Growing Your Staff
by Margie Carter

Are You Truly Professional?
by Roger Neugebauer

Chapter 2 - Developing Your Skills

When You Are the New Director - Finding Your Way with Staff
by Linda Riepe

Power Lines - The Use and Abuse of Power in Child Care Programming
by Pauline Davey Zeece

Enjoying the Good Lice: Managing Crises
by Pauline Davey Zeece

How Are You Doing? A Center Director Self-Review Tool
by Karen L. Talley

Building and Rebuilding Your Credibility
by Roger Neugebauer

A Director's Lot Is Not a Happy One
by Henry M. Morgan

Chapter 3 - Advocating for Children and Families

Advocacy is Everybody's Business
by Bettye Caldwell

Cutting Through the Red Tape - Strategies for Dealing with Bureaucrats
by Roger Neugebauer

Mentoring Advocates in the Context of Early Childhood Education
by Sessy I. Nyman

Chapter 4 - Getting Organized

How to Prepare a Business Plan
by Keith Stephens

Getting Organized: 50 Ideas for More Effective Use of Your Time
by Roger Neugebauer

And Away We Grow! A Five Phase Model for Growing a Child Care Business
by Pauline Davey Zeece

Hide It in Plain Sight
by Edna Runnels Ranck

Transforming Your Computer From Paperweight to Management Tool
by Chip Donohue

Chapter 5 - Legal Issues

Bettering Your Odds of Not Getting Sued
by Abby J. Cohen

Who Can You Trust? Protecting Your Organization from Internal Fraud
by Thomas Lukaszewski

Teacher Aides and Other Dangerous Instruments - Lessons in Legal Self-Defense by James Strickland and Mark Levbarg

Risky Business
by James Strickland

Chapter 6 - Structuring the Organization

Are You Running a Center or Building an Organization?
by Joan Dunn Antonsen, Jan Silverman, and Pauline Work

The Four Challenges to Succeeding in a Family Business
by Roger Neugebauer

Making the Partnership Stronger - Working with a Board of Directors
by Cindy Ratekin and Gary Bess

Nine Question for the Dedicated Board Member
by Roger Neugebauer

To Profit or Not to Profit: That is the Tough Question
by Roger Neugebauer

Chapter 7 - Managing Money

Five Fundamentals of Financial Health
by Mary R. Brower and Theresa M. Sull

Travel Tips for Your Budget Trip
by Carl C. Staley, Jr.

Preparing and Using Monthly Financial Reports
by Roger Neugebauer

Guidelines for Fine Tuning Your Salary Schedule
by Roger Neugebauer

Cost Benefit Analysis: Tools for Decision Making
by Gary Bess

Chapter 8 - Raising Money

Where the Bucks Are: Sources for Funds to Grow Your Child Care Business
by Keith Stephens

Developing a Proposal: When Opportunity Knocks, Will You Be Prepared?
by Craig Boswell

Fishing for Dollars in Philanthropic Waters
by Anne Mitchell

Keys to Success in Raising Funds
by Roger Neugebauer

State-of-the-Art Thinking on Parent Fee Policies
by Roger Neugebauer

Nine Steps to Headache-Free Collections
by Exchange Panel of 200

Chapter 9 - Personnel Policies

An Ounce of Prevention: How to Write an Employee Handbook
by Joe Perreault and Roger Neugebauer

Developing Your Employee Handbook: Job Descriptions
by Joe Perreault and Roger Neugebauer

Developing Your Employee Handbook: Leave Policies
by Joe Perreault and Roger Neugebauer

Developing Your Employee Handbook: Grievance Procedure
by Joe Perreault and Roger Neugebauer

Chapter 10 - Recruiting and Selecting Staff

Selection Interviews: Avoiding the Pitfalls
by Roger Neugebauer

Observing Teaching Candidates in Action
by Roger Neugebauer

Substitutes - We're the Real Thing!
by Bonnie Neugebauer

Hiring the Right Person
by Annette Cannata Heng

Hiring and Retaining Male Staff
by Bruce Cunningham

Chapter 11 - Supervising and Developing Staff

Orienting Staff Right From the Beginning
by Marlene Weinstein and Joe Allen

Self-Motivation: Motivation at Its Best
by Roger Neugebauer

Creating Environments Where Teachers, Like Children, Learn Through Play
by Elizabeth Jones

When Friction Flares - Dealing with Staff Conflict
by Roger Neugebauer

Creative Staff Training Is Key to Quality
by Karen Stephens

What Do Teachers Need Most From Their Directors?
by Margie Carter

Chapter 12 - Developing Your Team

The Art of Building (and Re-building) Staff Unity
by Karen Stephens

Step-by-Step Guide to Team Building
by Roger Neugebauer

Planning Staff Meetings
by Margie Carter

Mentoring Teachers . . . A Partnership in Learning
by Patricia Berl

Chapter 13 - Appraising Staff

Monitoring, Measuring, and Evaluating Teacher Performance
by Kay M. Albrecht

Guidelines for Effective Use of Feedback
by Roger Neugebauer

Managing Teacher Performance While Walking Around
by Kay M. Albrecht

Assessing Staff Problems: Key to Effective Staff Development
by John M. Johnston

Evaluating Staff Performance: A Valuable Training Tool
by Margie Carter

Chapter 14 - Evaluating Your Program

Program Evaluation: How to Ask the Right Questions
by Marjorie Kostelnik

Looking at the Quality of Early Childhood Programs
by Lilian G. Katz

Do You Have a Healthy Organization?
by Roger Neugebauer

Out of the Box Ideas for Evaluation
by Roger Neugebauer

Planning for Portfolios
by Connie Jo Smith

Program Evaluation
by Child Care Professionals
by Theresa M. Sull

Accreditation Strategies, Benefits, and Practical Tips
by Elaine Eisenberg

Chapter 15 - Shaping Your Curriculum

What Should Young Children Be Learning?
by Lilian G. Katz

Curriculum That Matters
by Margie Carter

Brain Research and Its Implications for Early Childhood Programs
by Pam Schiller

Opening Doors to Activities That Include ALL Children
by Whit Hayslip and Lisbeth Vincent

Children Need Rich Language Experiences
by Elizabeth Jones

Playing the Day Away
by Susan J. Oliver and Edgar Klugman

Priorities for Health and Safety in Child Care
by Susan S. Aronson, MD

Food As Shared Living-and-Learning
by Nadine L. McCrea

Chapter 16 - Working With Parents

Places for Childhoods Include Parents, Too
by Jim Greenman

Making the Most of Parent Conferences
by Katherine Koulouras, Mary Lynn Porter, and Sheri A. Senter

Grandparents as Parents - Understanding the Issues
by Steven M. Thaxton

Working With Angry Parents - Taking a Customer Service Approach
by Patricia A. Phipps

Dialog to Understanding Across Cultures
by Janet Gonzalez-Mena

Chapter 17 - Marketing Your Program

Marketing Strategies That Work in Child Care
by Bruce Schon and Roger Neugebauer

Who Cares? Eight Principles for Dealing with Customers
by William H. Franklin

Compete or Die!
by Julie Wassom

Community Marketing Made Easy
by Julie Wassom

Chapter 18 - Community Outreach

Courting the Media with Special Events
by Karen Stephens

When Shaming Fingers Point: Dealing with Negative Publicity
by Dorothy W. Hewes

Putting All the Players on the Same Page: Accessing Resources for the Child and Family
by Ethel Seiderman

The Art of Power Networking
by Dwayne A. Crompton

Bringing Diversity Into Your Center
by Thomas Moore

Resources for Directors