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Pearson's Comprehensive Medical Assisting - Text Only

Pearson's Comprehensive Medical Assisting - Text Only - 07 edition

Pearson's Comprehensive Medical Assisting - Text Only - 07 edition

Edition: 07
Copyright: 2007
Publisher: Prentice Hall, Inc.
International: No
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This brand new, four color, complete with interactive CD, Medical Assisting text is all about Connections: Medical Assistant's connections with patients, physicians, offices and jobs. A student's connection with the book, their instructor and their newly chosen profession is a recipe for success. This text is available as one comprehensive textbook or can be purchased in a three volume set.

Pearson's Comprehensive Medical Assisting, 1e, is the first book to help students succeed in both the classroom and in their careers. It helps students take information from "what you need to do" to "how to do it". Strong integration of tips, hints and guidelines help students avoid common performance mishaps while peforming clinical skills and the softer skills.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

VOLUME I. Administrative Medical Assisting

Ch. 1. Medical Assisting: The Profession
Ch. 2. Medical Science: History and Practice
Ch. 3. Medical Law and Ethics
Ch. 4. Communication: Verbal and Nonverbal
Ch. 5. The Office Environment (Include Safety)
Ch. 6. Telephone Techniques
Ch. 7. Patient Reception
Ch. 8. Appointment Scheduling
Ch. 9. Office Facilities, Equipment and Supplies
Ch. 10. Written Communication
Ch. 11. Computers in the Medical Office
Ch. 12. Managing Medical Records
Ch. 13. Fees, Billing, Collections and Credit
Ch. 14. Financial Management (Include Banking)
Ch. 15. Medical Insurance
Ch. 16. Medical Insurance Claims
Ch. 17. Medical Coding
Ch. 18. Medical Office Management

VOLUME II. Anatomy and Physiology

Ch. 19. Body Structure and Function
Ch. 20. The Integumentary System
Ch. 21. The Skeletal System
Ch. 22. The Muscular System
Ch. 23. The Nervous System
Ch. 24. The Senses
Ch. 25. The Cardiovascular System
Ch. 26. The Immune System
Ch. 27. The Respiratory System
Ch. 28. The Digestive System
Ch. 29. The Urinary System
Ch. 30. The Endocrine System
Ch. 31. The Reproductive System

VOLUME III. Clinical Medical Assisting

Ch. 32. Infection Control: Asepsis
Ch. 33. Assisting with Physical Examinations
Ch. 34. Vital Signs and Measurements
Ch. 35. Assisting with Medical Specialties
Ch. 36. Assisting in Eye and Ear Care
Ch. 37. Assisting with Life Span Specialties
Ch. 38. Assisting with Minor Surgery
Ch. 39. Assisting with Medical Emergencies
Ch. 40. The Clinical Laboratory
Ch. 41. Microbiology
Ch. 42. Urinalysis
Ch. 43. Hematology
Ch. 44. Radiology
Ch. 45. Electrocardiography and Pulmonary Function
Ch. 46. Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation
Ch. 47. Math for Pharmacology
Ch. 48. Administrering Medications
Ch. 50. Patient Education
Ch. 51. Nurtrition
Ch. 52. Psychology
Ch. 53. Externship and Career Opportunities


Appendix A. Tables: Assisting with Medical Specialties
Appendix B. Abbreviations, Symbols and Measurements
Appendix C. Common Medical Terminology Prefixes and Suffixes
Appendix D. Glossary

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