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Legal, Ethical, and International Environment of Business

Legal, Ethical, and International Environment of Business - 6th edition

Legal, Ethical, and International Environment of Business - 6th edition

Legal, Ethical, and International Environment of Business by Herbert M. Bohlman and Mary Jane Dundas - ISBN
Edition: 6TH 05
Copyright: 2005
Publisher: Cengage Learning
International: No
Legal, Ethical, and International Environment of Business by Herbert M. Bohlman and Mary Jane Dundas - ISBN
Edition: 6TH 05
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This legal environment text offers balanced coverage of private law and public law. To illustrate the legal points covered, the authors have integrated cases in the language of the court into each chapter. Strong ethical coverage helps students understand the need for responsible decisions.


  • NEW! Practical Tips: Each chapter concludes with a feature titled "Practical Tips" that presents factual situations that a businessperson may typically confront on the job. Each feature concludes with a checklist of " dos and don'ts" related to that situation (preventive law).
  • International Considerations: Found at the end of the chapter, international considerations highlight the international aspects of the chapter's subject matter. This feature offers legal insights involving global transactions and business relationships.
  • Internet Case Problems: Each chapter concludes with a brief section "Using the World Wide Web" discusing the World Wide Web in relation to the chapter content. The student is then referred to the text web site where they will find additional URLs should they wish to explore any of the topics covered in more detail. Also, there are two Web Activities designed to help them explore selected web sites. Finally, each chapter concludes with Internet Case Problems requiring the student to use the Internet to answer the problem.
  • NEW! Info Trac Research Activity: Integrated throughout the text, this feature encourages students to research into issues deeper. Info Trac, accessible through the text web site with an access code provided with each new copy of the text, is a valuable database of current articles for material discussed in the text. Students are asked to research a specific issue and write a report based on their conclusions.
  • NEW! Coverage of Contracts: To make the coverage of contracts more clear for students, all material relating to the UCC is now in chapter 11, "Sales Law and Product Liability."
  • Excerpted Cases: Cases are integrated throughout the text to illustrate the application of the law to specific business problems. To expose students to the language of the courts, text from the actual case is presented in an abbreviated form, though there is enough judicial information to facilitate class discussion.
  • Ethics Model: Introduced in Chapter 2, "Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility," an ethics model helps students work through ethical issues in each chapter. For easy reference, the ethics model is also on the inside front cover of the text.
  • Ethical Considerations: This feature provides a basis for class discussion of ethical problems. Students can refer to the ethical model discussed in chapter 2 and summarized inside the front cover while working to resolve the ethical problem.
  • Fictitious Business Example: Utilized throughout the text, a fictitious business "Artiste Login" is used to illustrate how legal issues impact business. Instructors can build problems, current issues and critical thinking around this business.
  • Cyberlaw: Coverage of cyberlaw is integrated throughout the text as appropriate. Also a feature, "CyberLaw," discusses specific legal topics involving the Web.
  • Legal Highlights: These features appear throughout each chapter and provide the student with practical advice about recent legal issues.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


1. Basics of the Law
2. Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
3. The Judicial System and Litigation
4. Alternative Dispute Resolution Procedures
5. The Constitution and the Regulation of Business
6. Administrative Agencies and the Regulation of Business
7. The Regulation of Business Through Criminal Law


8. Torts
9. Contract Formation
10. Contract Defenses and Remedies
11. Sales Law and Product Liability
12. Negotiable Instruments and Secured Transactions
13. International Business Law
14. Rights of Consumers, Debtors, and Creditors
15. Consumer Protection
16. Property Law and Intellectual Property and Computer Law


17. Agency Law and Private Employment Law
18. Business Enterprises: Noncorporate Business Entities
19. Corporate Law and Franchising Law


20. Securities Law
21. Antitrust Law
22. Legislative Control over Labor and Labor Relations
23. Employment Law and Equal Opportunity
24. Environmental Law.