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Economics for Everybody 1yr

Economics for Everybody 1yr - 3rd edition

Economics for Everybody 1yr - 3rd edition

Economics for Everybody 1yr by Antell - ISBN
Edition: 3RD 03
Copyright: 2003
Publisher: Vitalsource Technologies, Inc.
International: No
Economics for Everybody 1yr by Antell - ISBN
Edition: 3RD 03
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Purpose: To provide students with a readable, interesting, and purposeful introduction to economics. Thirty-nine chapters, each structured into easily managed sections, develop and expand students' awareness of the economic bases of their lives as present and future consumers, workers, producers, and taxpayers; of the United States as part of the global economy; and of the issues and problems facing Americans today.

Seven units cover:

  • basic economic principles: scarcity and opportunity cost; economic systems; supply and demand; inflation
  • consumer economics: advertising; budgeting; saving; credit; insurance; smart shopping; consumer protection
  • labor: planning a career; getting a job; wages; unions
  • business: sole proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations; stocks and bonds; mass production; mergers; government regulation
  • government: taxes; budgets; business cycles; economic goals; monetary and fiscal policies
  • global economy: international trade; economies of developed and of developing countries
  • issues and problems: economic growtn and the environment; farming; cities; poverty and unemployment.

Other aspects of the text include:

  • introductions to units and chapters that provide interesting and motivating leadins to the text
  • special text features that deepen students' understanding of economic principles, activities, and issues
  • photographs, tables, graphs, and cartoons that illustrate the concepts and situations discussed in the text
  • end-of-chapter exercises
  • index, glossary, bibliography
  • Softbound, 629 pages