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Federal Tax Research - Text Only

Federal Tax Research - Text Only - xxx edition

Federal Tax Research - Text Only - xxx edition

Federal Tax Research - Text Only by William Raabe, Gerald Whittenburg and Sanders. Debra - ISBN
Edition: XXX
Copyright: 2009
Publisher: South-Western Publishing Co.
International: No
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FEDERAL TAX RESEARCH, 8e, offers hands-on tax research analysis and has been fully updated to cover computer-oriented tax research tools such as CD-ROMs, the Internet, and computerized databases. The eighth edition offers a new chapter 10 on international tax research, an expanded review of ethical constraints and tax penalties as restrictions on taxpayer and tax advisor behavior, and new exercises, problems, and research cases included throughout that help students learn using actual online research tools and methods discussed in the text. Students will find more material on the role of tax research for the CPA exam.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Part I. The Tax Research Environment.

Chapter 1. Introduction to Tax Practice and Ethics.
Chapter 2. Tax Research Methodology.

Part II. Primary Sources of Federal Tax Law.

Chapter 3. Constitutional and Legislative Sources.
Chapter 4. Administrative Regulations and Rulings.
Chapter 5. Judicial Interpretations.

Part III. Research Tools.

Chapter 6. Tax Services and Periodicals.
Chapter 7. Legal Services and Internet Sites.
Chapter 8. Citators and Other Finding Devices.
Chapter 9. State Tax Services.
Chapter 10. International Tax Services.

Part IV. Implementing the Research Tools.

Chapter 11. Communicating Research Results.
Chapter 12. Tax Planning.
Chapter 13. Working with the IRS.
Chapter 14. Tax Practice and Administration: Sanctions, Agreements, and Disclosures