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Broadcast/ Cable Copywriting

Broadcast/ Cable Copywriting - 7th edition

Broadcast/ Cable Copywriting - 7th edition

ISBN13: 9780205393244

ISBN10: 0205393241

Broadcast/ Cable Copywriting by Peter B. Orlik - ISBN 9780205393244
Edition: 7TH 04
Copyright: 2004
Publisher: Allyn & Bacon, Inc.
International: No
Broadcast/ Cable Copywriting by Peter B. Orlik - ISBN 9780205393244

ISBN13: 9780205393244

ISBN10: 0205393241

Edition: 7TH 04

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Broadcast Cable Copywriting is the most widely used text for learning how to write all types of copy for the electronic media.

This text addresses the basic rules and techniques common to broadcast writing with a depth of coverage unmatched by its competitors, but without assuming any prior media writing, production, or advertising experience on the part of the reader. The Seventh Edition constructs an expansive communication context for copywriting: from basic station IDs and liners to cross-media campaign creation. Along the way, the text introduces students to hundreds of current and classic examples of effective copywriting, including scripts, storyboards, and photoboards.

Features :

  • Deals with copywriting for electronic media exclusively while covering the subject in great depth and breadth so that both working professionals and students can use it as a "state of the discipline" guidebook to effective copy principles, format, and procedures.
  • Begins with an orienting chapter that reveals copywriter work situations and concludes with a campaign creation chapter that pulls together the key techniques introduced throughout the book.
  • Includes an entire chapter on copywriter tools including a detailed analysis of audio/visual punctuation.

New To This Edition :

  • Includes more than 250 message examples, many of which are new to this edition, providing students with exposure to cutting edge creativity.
  • Features a new discussion of account planning, shedding new light on the industry's effort to better understand audiences (Ch. 5).
  • Intersperses discussions of Internet writing throughout the text, illustrating the interconnectedness of electronic media writing for the student.
  • Includes updated content and referenced insights from top industry practitioners around the world to provide students with a broad range of examples.
  • Highlights expanded coverage of spec writing and place-based media challenges, ncreasing reader familiarity with two of the best vehicles for initiating a copywriting career (Chs. 12 & 14).
  • Includes additional and revised Instructor's Manual exercises to help the instructor better integrate and apply text-introduced principles.

Author Bio

Orlik, Peter B. : Central Michigan University

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


1. The Copywriting Marketplace.
Advertising Agency.
Corporate In-House.
Government/Institutional In-House.
Other Employment Options.
Continuity--The Copywriter's Main Product.
Portfolio Creation.

2. Copywriting and the Communication Process.
Communication Fundamentals.
The Electronic Media Communication Process.

3. Tools of Our Trade.
Print Punctuation Versus Audio/Video Punctuation.
Tools to Read/Consult.
Tools to Pound on, Write with, Write On.
Time--The Tool That Rules.
Tooling Up.

4. Rational and Emotional Attractions.
Rational Attractions.
Emotional Attractions.
A Plan for Rational/Emotional Proportioning.
An Attractions Addendum.

5. Making Sense of Our Audience.
Audiences and Attitudes.
Progressive Motivation.
Account Planning.
An Audience Sense Summation.

6. CDVP Factors.
Prohibition (Regulatory).
Prohibition (Stylistic).
A CDVP Reassurance.


7. Key Elements of Radio Writing.
Standard Radio Format.
Productional Terminology.
Using Sound Effects.
Using Music.
Using Silence.
The Radio Copywriter as Poet.
Poetic Packaging.
Other Techniques for the Radio Poet.
Radio's Essence.

8. Radio Commercials.
Commercial Noncopy Data Block.
Generic Classification of Radio Commercials.
Putting "PUNCH" in the Radio Spot.
The Ten Radio Commandments.
Commercial Conclusions.

9. Additional Audio Endeavors.
In-House Noncopy Data Block.
IDs and Transitions.
Program Promos.
Outlet Promos.
Enhancers and Features.
On/Off-Air Listener Participations.
Interviews and Semiscripts.
Special Commercial Challenges.


10. Key Elements of Television Writing.
Video Conceptual Vehicles.
A Bubble about Animation.
Basic Television Production Methods.
Television Productional Terminology.
The Audio-Video Coalition.

11. The Business of Television Commercials.
TV Commercial Noncopy Data Block.
Show It, Use It--The D.D.Q.
Getting Recognized and Remembered.
Video DR, Infomercials, and Co-op.
Retail and Business-to-Business Pitches.
Extension Opportunities.
The Storyboard Presentation.
Avoiding the Storyboard.

12. Additional Video Endeavors.
In-House Noncopy Data Block.
Outlet IDs and Promos.
Program Promos and Trailers.
Interviews and Semiscripts.
Corporate and Trade Presentation Events.
Other Specialized Venues.
Online Applications.
Casting and Voice-Over Considerations.
The Joy of Visual Selling.


13. Public Service Assignments.
The PSA Defined.
The Three Hallmarks of Successful PSAs.
Building on Audience Wants.
PSA Format Conventions.
PSA Noncopy Data Blocks.
Ten Public Service Postulates.
A Sample Campaign.
What's in It for the Copywriter.

14. Electronic Media Campaign Construction.
Isolating Brand Character.
Concept Engineering--Fashioning the Campaign Proposal.
Proposal-Related Activities and Implements.
Five Case Studies.
The Campaign Dynamic.