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Budgeting Basics and Beyond

Budgeting Basics and Beyond - 2nd edition

Budgeting Basics and Beyond - 2nd edition

ISBN13: 9780471725022

ISBN10: 0471725021

Budgeting Basics and Beyond by Jae K. Shim and Joel G. Siegel - ISBN 9780471725022
Edition: 2ND 05
Copyright: 2005
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
International: No
Budgeting Basics and Beyond by Jae K. Shim and Joel G. Siegel - ISBN 9780471725022

ISBN13: 9780471725022

ISBN10: 0471725021

Edition: 2ND 05

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Don't let budgets get the best of you!

Budgets-they can make or break an organization. They can also make or break the manager responsible for devising and monitoring the budget. Budgeting Basics and Beyond, Second Edition provides managers with a hassle-free resource that's guaranteed to make the budgeting process easier, less stressful, and more effective. This updated edition features new information on: service and nonprofit applications; types of financial models; Web-based budgeting and planning solutions; budgeting for service organizations; using budgeting to reduce departmental expenses; and much more!

From preparing and presenting budgets to monitoring results against budget figures and handling any budget problem that comes up, this Second Edition is a go-to reference for every budgeting issue, including helpful material on such topics as:

  • Techniques for preparing more accurate, realistic, and reliable estimates
  • Control and variance analysis devices that signal revenue, cost, and operations thresholds
  • Pricing guidelines for products and services
  • Planning and scheduling production and related costs
  • Profit planning and identifying looming problems
  • Financial models that show the relationship among all facets of the business
  • Spreadsheet applications for planning, budgeting, and control purposes
  • Implication of active financial planning software
  • Sales and financial forecasting methodology

Packed with case studies, illustrations, exhibits, forms, checklists, graphs, samples, and worked-out solutions to a wide variety of budgeting, planning, and control problems, this Second Edition is both a handy desk reference and problem-solver for today's financial and nonfinancial managers in public practice and private industry.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

About the Authors.


1. The What and Why of Budgeting: An Introduction.

2. Strategic Planning and Budgeting: Process, Preparation and Control.

3. Administering the Budget: Reports, Analyses, and Evaluations.

4. Break-Even and Contribution Margin Analysis: Profit, Cost, and Volume Changes.

5. Profit Planning: Targeting and Reaching Achievable Goals.

6. Master Budget: Genesis of Forecasting and Profit Planning.

7. Cost Behavior: Emphasis on Flexible Budgets.

8. Evaluating Performance: The Use of Variance Analysis.

9. Manufacturing Costs: Sales Forecasts and Realistic Budgets.

10. Marketing: Budgeting for Sales, Advertising, and Distribution.

11. Research and Development: Budgets for a Long-term Plan.

12. General and Administrative Costs: Budgets for Maximum Productivity.

13. Capital Expenditures: Assets to be Bought, Sold, and Discarded.

14. Forecasting and Planning: Reducing Risk in Decision Making.

15. Moving Averages and Smoothing Techniques: Quantitative Forecasting.

16. Regression Analysis: Popular Sales Forecast System.

17. Cash Budgeting and Forecasting Cash Flow: Two Pragmatic Methods.

18. Financial Modeling: Tools for Budgeting and Profit Planning.

19. Software Packages: Computer-based Models and Spreadsheet Software.

20. Capital Budgeting: Selecting the Optimum Long-term Investment.

21. Zero-base Budgeting: Priority Budgeting for Best Resource Allocation.

22. Managers' Performance: Evaluation on the Division Level.

23. Budgeting for Service Organizations: Special Features.

Appendix I: Present and Future Value Tables.

Appendix II: Statistical Table.

Appendix III: Top Providers of Budgeting and Planning Systems.

Glossary of Budgeting Terms.