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Business Law : Ethical, Global, and E-Commerce Environment - With 2 DVDS

Business Law : Ethical, Global, and E-Commerce Environment - With 2 DVDS - 13th edition

Business Law : Ethical, Global, and E-Commerce Environment - With 2 DVDS - 13th edition

ISBN13: 9780073271392

ISBN10: 007327139X

Business Law : Ethical, Global, and E-Commerce Environment - With 2 DVDS by Mallor, Barnes and Bowers - ISBN 9780073271392
Edition: 13TH 07
Copyright: 2007
Publisher: Richard D. Irwin, Inc.
International: No
Business Law : Ethical, Global, and E-Commerce Environment - With 2 DVDS by Mallor, Barnes and Bowers - ISBN 9780073271392

ISBN13: 9780073271392

ISBN10: 007327139X

Edition: 13TH 07

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Mallor, Barnes, Bowers and Langvardt's: Business Law: The Ethical, Global, and E-Commerce Environment, 13e is appropriate for the two-term business law course. The cases in the 13th edition are excerpted and edited by the authors. The syntax is not altered, therefore retaining the language of the courts. As in the 12th edition, the 13th edition includes a mix of actual AND hypothetical cases.

New Features

  • Chapter 4, Business Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Critical Thinking includes two additional section:
    • How to lead ethically, that is, how to ensure that those under one's direction, management, and guidance act in an ethical way.
    • Common characteristics of decisions gone wrong. This section meshes the material on ethics and critical thinking, concluding with a list of factors that commonly lead to bad decisions, such as complexity of a problem, low margin for error, and cognitive biases that increase risk and lead to over-confidence.
  • Material on the unintended effects of Sarbanes Oxley has been added, including 1) an increase in going private (public companies choosing no longer to be public), 2) reduced quality audits by independent audit firms that have a lower understanding of the client's business, and 3) companies choosing to incorporate under foreign jurisdiction.
  • Chapter 43 now includes material on the convictions and acquittals of high-profile corporate executives such as Dennis Kozlowski (Tyco), Bernie Ebbers (Enron), and Richard Scrushy (HealthSouth).
  • Bankruptcy Chapter now incorporates the major changes to the Act as a result of legislation passed in April 2005. These are the most significant changes since the 1978 Act.
  • Chapter 46, Legal and Professional Responsibilities of Auditors, Consultants, and Securities Professionals expands the coverage of securities professionals and coverage of the actual effects of Sarbanes Oxley on the accounting profession.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Part 1 Foundations of American Law

Chapter 1 The Nature of Law
Chapter 2 The Resolution of Private Disputes
Chapter 3 Business and the Constitution
Chapter 4 Business Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Governance and Critical Thinking

Part 2 Crimes and Torts

Chapter 5 Crimes
Chapter 6 Intentional Torts
Chapter 7 Negligence and Strict Liability
Chapter 8 Intellectual Property and Unfair Competition

Part 3 Contracts

Chapter 9 Introduction to Contracts
Chapter 10 The Agreement: Offer
Chapter 11 The Agreement: Acceptance
Chapter 12 Consideration
Chapter 13 Reality of Consent
Chapter 14 Capacity to Contract
Chapter 15 Illegality
Chapter 16 Writing
Chapter 17 Rights of Third Parties
Chapter 18 Performance and Remedies

Part 4 Sales

Chapter 19 Formation and Terms of Sales Contracts
Chapter 20 Product Liability
Chapter 21 Performance of Sales Contracts
Chapter 22 Remedies for Breach of Sales Contracts

Part 5 Property

Chapter 23 Personal Property and Bailments
Chapter 24 Real Property
Chapter 25 Landlord and Tenant
Chapter 26 Estates and Trusts
Chapter 27 Insurance Law (moved from ch. 53)

Part 6 Credit

Chapter 28 Introduction to Credit and Secured Transactions
Chapter 29 Security Interests in Personal Property
Chapter 30 Bankruptcy

Part 7 Commercial Paper

Chapter 31 Negotiable Instruments
Chapter 32 Negotiation and Holder in Due Course
Chapter 33 Liability of Parties
Chapter 34 Checks and Electronic Transfers (new title)

Part 8 Agency Chapter 35 The Agency Relationship

Chapter 36 Third-Party Relations of the Principal and the Agent

Part 9 Partnership Law

Chapter 37 Introduction to Forms of Business and Formation of Partnerships
Chapter 38 Operation of Partnership and Related Forms
Chapter 39 Partners' Dissociation and Partnerships' Dissolution and Winding Up
Chapter 40 Limited Partnerships, Limited Liability Limited Partnerships, and Limited Liability Companies

Part 10 Corporations

Chapter 41 History and Nature of Corporations
Chapter 42 Organization, Financial Structure, and Dissolution of Corporations
Chapter 43 Management of Corporations
Chapter 44 Shareholders' Rights and Liabilities
Chapter 45 Securities Regulation
Chapter 46 Legal Responsibilities of Auditors and Consultants

Part 11 Regulation of Business

Chapter 47 Administrative Agencies
Chapter 48 The Federal Trade Commission Act and Consumer Protection Laws
Chapter 49 Antitrust: The Sherman Act
Chapter 50 The Clayton Act, The Robinson-Patman Act, and Antitrust Exemptions and Immunities
Chapter 51 Employment Law
Chapter 52 Environmental Regulations

Appendix A The Constitution of the United States of America