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Business Marketing Management

Business Marketing Management - 9th edition

Business Marketing Management - 9th edition

ISBN13: 9780324316858

ISBN10: 0324316852

Business Marketing Management by Michael D. Hutt and Thomas W. Speh - ISBN 9780324316858
Edition: 9TH 07
Copyright: 2007
Publisher: South-Western Publishing Co.
International: No
Business Marketing Management by Michael D. Hutt and Thomas W. Speh - ISBN 9780324316858

ISBN13: 9780324316858

ISBN10: 0324316852

Edition: 9TH 07

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BUSINESS MARKETING MANAGEMENT, 9th Edition is structured to provide a complete and timely treatment of business marketing while minimizing the degree of overlap with other courses in the marketing curriculum. This comprehensive market leader highlights the similarities between consumer goods and business-to-business marketing; presents a managerial rather than a descriptive treatment of business marketing; and reflects the growing body of literature and emerging trends in business marketing practice. Each chapter provides an overview, highlights key concepts, and includes several carefully chosen examples of contemporary business marketing practice as well as a cogent summary and a set of proactive discussion questions.


  • NEW! Customer Profitability Analysis and Relationship Management: New and expanded coverage of customer profitability analysis and strategies for building a relational advantage.
  • NEW! New ancillary author Chris Moberg of Ohio University will coordinate and add to the supplements, working closely with the authors.
  • NEW! Ethical Business Marketing: Integrated throughout the text, these have all been updated for the eighth edition. They provide readers with ethical dilemmas, or examples that real companies have encountered and faced in their business marketing strategies.
  • NEW! Thoroughly Updated Chapter 5: "E-Commerce Strategies for Business Markets," has been thoroughly updated to reflect recent industry changes, giving students the latest coverage.
  • NEW! Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Chapter 4, "Relationship Strategies for Business Markets," now contains new material on customer relationship management, relationship strategies, and relationship marketing as these areas continue to evolve.
  • NEW! End-of-Chapter Cases: New cases have been added to the end of each chapter. These cases, shorter than the end-of-text cases, highlight key concepts of the chapter and require students to apply the business marketing strategies that they have learned. Instructors have greater flexibility in assigning cases, whether they be the shorter or the longer ones.
  • NEW! Increased Career Profiles and Real-life Examples: In this new edition, we have added even more career profiles to the box features "Inside Business Marketing" and real-life examples, bringing the chapter concepts to life for students as they see how real companies manage everyday.
  • NEW! Internet Exercises: Included within the end-of-chapter materials, two to three Internet Exercises require students to access information on the web and utilize today's technology as they apply textbook concepts.
  • NEW! Inside Business Marketing: Updated for the ninth edition, these features continue to provide readers with an inside look at real-life companies and the challenges and strategies that they have faced.
  • NEW! Updated Instructor's Manual: The instructor's manual has been updated to include material that will help the instructors tie the new video package into the course. Instructors are provided with ways and ideas on how to incorporate the videos into lively classroom discussions.
  • NEW! Instructor's Resource CD-ROM (IRCD): Now, all instructors supplements are in one easy-to-find place. The IRCD include electronic files of the Instructors Manual, Test Bank, PowerPoint slides, and ExamView, computerized testing software.
  • NEW! Integrated Strategic Perspective Using the Balanced Scorecard and Strategy Mapping Tools: a timely and richly illustrated discussion of alternative customer strategies, internal business processes, and critical performance metrics.
  • Managerial Perspective: The authors present a managerial rather than a descriptive treatment of business marketing, tying text material directly to business marketing management decision-making. Students see the relevance of material to the decision-making process that managers face.
  • Consumer Goods and B2B Marketing: Highlighting the similarities and emphasizing the differences between consumer goods and business-to-business marketing, this text focuses on market analysis, organizational buying behavior, relationship management, and the ensuing adjustments required in the marketing strategy elements used to reach organizational customers.
  • End-of-Text Cases: A well-balanced mix of cases found at the end of the book enables instructors to tailor the course to their own students and teaching preferences. The cases, which vary in length but are longer than the end-of-chapter cases, feature prominent companies and isolate one or more business marketing problems for students to analyze.
  • Chapter Objectives: Each chapter opens with a short overview, which includes key learning objectives that students should be aware of and understand after reading the chapter.
  • End-of-Chapter Summary: Every chapter concludes with a summary of the key concepts and learning objectives highlighted at the beginning of each chapter, helping students to recognize the key issues discussed.
  • Discussion Questions: Found at the end of each chapter, the discussion questions stimulate students' critical-thinking skills and emphasize key concepts in each chapter.
  • Case Planning Guide: Found at the end of the text, a Case Planning Guide keys the end-of-text cases to the relevant text chapters and topics, helping instructors determine which cases best apply to the concepts in each chapter.
  • NEW! Rapidly Developing Economies: This edition covers the challenges that rapidly developing economies like China and India present to business marketing firms, along with the opportunities to seize significant cost, market access, and capability advantages.
  • NEW! Disruptive Innovation Strategies: new coverage of strategies for managing products across the technology life cycle and reaching underserved customers.
  • NEW! A Customer Solutions Perspective: a timely description of how leading firms use products as the platform for the delivery of services, yielding more durable competitive advantages.
  • NEW! Account Management Success: coverage of the characteristics of high-performing account managers and the strategies that they follow across the sales process.
  • NEW! B2B Top Performers: a new boxed feature that highlights the people, practices, or firms that demonstrate superior performance in business marketing.
  • NEW! 7 New End- of- Book Extended Cases: isolate one or more business marketing problems.
  • NEW! Each chapter features a new short case for discussion.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents



1. A Business Marketing Perspective.
2. The Business Markets: Perspectives on the Organizational Buyer.


3. Organizational Buying Behavior.
4. Customer Relationship Management Strategies for Business Markets.


5. Segmenting the Business Market.
6. Organizational Demand Analysis.


7. Business Marketing Planning: Strategic Perspectives.
8. Business Marketing Strategies for Global Markets.
9. Managing Products for Business Markets.
10. Managing Innovation and New Industrial Product Development.
11. Managing Services for Business Markets.
12. Managing Business Marketing Channels.
13. E-Commerce Strategies for Business Markets.
14. Supply Chain Strategies.
15. Pricing Strategy for Business Markets.
16. Business Marketing Communications: Advertising and Sales Promotion.
17. Business Marketing Communications: Managing the Personal Selling Function.


18. Controlling Business Marketing Strategies.