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Business Research Methods

Business Research Methods - 7th edition

Business Research Methods - 7th edition

ISBN13: 9780030350849

ISBN10: 0030350840

Business Research Methods by William G. Zikmund - ISBN 9780030350849
Cover type: Hardback
Edition: 7TH 03
Copyright: 2003
Publisher: South-Western Publishing Co.
International: No
Business Research Methods by William G. Zikmund - ISBN 9780030350849

ISBN13: 9780030350849

ISBN10: 0030350840

Cover type: Hardback
Edition: 7TH 03

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This best-selling text continues in its seventh edition to provide the most current and comprehensive coverage of business research. Its student-friendly design contains numerous examples illustrating real-world research in management, marketing, finance, accounting, and other business areas. Business Research Methods, 7e, is the ideal text for undergraduate and first year MBA courses in marketing, management, or quantitative studies.


  • NEW! WebSurveyor Partnership: A partnership with WebSurveyor, a specialist in web-based marketing research, greatly enhances student learning by providing sample surveys, response scales, question libraries, and survey results developed specifically for Business Research Methods, 7e. WebSurveyor activities and quizzes, written by William Zikmund, appear in both the text and companion Website. Based on market feedback, the questions have been designed to produce clear-cut answers to simplify the grading process.
  • Straight Forward Approach: Business Research Methods, 7e, continues to take an applied research approach, while providing a thorough exploration of theoretical research issues and real-world business research. Statistical concepts are presented in a simple, straight forward manner that allows students to easily understand complex issues of Business Research.
  • International Perspective: Thorough coverage of global research activities provides students with an international perspective.
  • NEW! Expanded Coverage: Chapter 8: Secondary Data in a Digital Age has been substantially revised to incorporate discussions of data mining and other new technologies that are changing the way researchers view secondary data investigations.
  • Case Studies with Data: Cases at the end of text delve into current topics. This popular feature enhances student understanding by allowing them to apply critical thinking skills to actual problems.
  • NEW! Expanded Web Page Survey Coverage: Chapter 15, "Questionnaire Design", includes expanded coverage on writing questions and formatting Web pages for Internet surveys. Students learn how layout and physical attractiveness of the questionnaire can play a critical role in the success of Internet and other self-administered questionnaires.
  • NEW! New Coverage of Internet Samples: Chapter 16, "Sampling Designs and Sampling Procedures", now includes a section on drawing Internet samples. Students learn more about the sampling problems associated with surveys conducted on the Internet.
  • NEW! More on Microsoft Excel: Chapter 20, "Basic Data Analysis: Descriptive Statistics", has been updated and revised to reflect the growing use of Microsoft Excel in data analysis. Several exhibits and end of the chapter questions show statistical menus and output from Excel.
  • NEW! Brand New Videos: Brand new video cases, written by William Zikmund, correspond with new video segments. The video cases guide students through marketing research issues faced by a variety of well-known companies. Recommended solutions to the video cases are included in the Instructor's Manual on the IRCD.
  • NEW! Dedicated Web Site: has been developed especially for the new edition and features chapter review quizzes, downloadable supplements, flash cards, and links to the best on-line marketing research resources available.
  • NEW! InfoTrac College Edition: InfoTrac College Edition is packaged free with each new text. This fully searchable online database gives professors and students 24-hour access to full-text articles from a variety of well-known periodicals and scholarly journals.
  • Comprehensive Internet Coverage: Comprehensive coverage of the Internet and its impact on Business Research is integrated throughout the text. Placed early in the text, the topic of Information technology and Knowledge Management sets the stage for discussion of the Internet and many new information technologies influencing Business Research.

Author Bio

Zikmund, William G. : Oklahoma State University

William G. Zikmund is a professor of marketing at Oklahoma State University. He received his bachelor of science in marketing from the University of Colorado, a masters of science from Southern Illinois University, and a PhD in business administration from the University of Colorado. Professor Zikmund worked in marketing research for ConwayMillikin Company and Remington Arms Company before beginning his academic career. In addition, he has extensive consulting experience with many business and not-for-profit organizations.Professor Zikmund has published many articles and successful textbooks. His books include Marketing, Effective Marketing, Exploring Marketing Research, and Business Research Methods. He is an active teacher who strives to be creative and innovate in the classroom.His books have been used in Universities in Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, and North America. More than one-half million students have read his books.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


1. The Role of Business Research
2. Information Systems and Knowledge Management
3. Theory Building
4. The Marketing Research Process
5. Ethical Issues in Business Research


6. Problem Definition and the Research Proposal
7. Exploratory Research and Qualitative Analysis
8. Secondary Data Research in a Digital Age
Appendix 8a: Selected Sources for Secondary Data
Appendix 8b: Database Searching and Retrieving with Computers


9. Survey Research: An Overview
10. Survey Research: Basic Methods of Communication with Respondents

Appendix 10a: Using WebSurveyor to Create Internet Surveys

11. Observation.
12. Experimental Research


13. Measurement and Scaling Concepts
14. Attitude Measurement
15. Questionnaire Design


16. Sample Designs and Sampling Procedures
17. Determination of Sample Size: A Review of Statistical Theory
18. Fieldwork


19. Editing and Coding: Transforming Raw Data into Information
20. Basic Data Analysis: Descriptive Statistics
21. Univariate Statistical Analysis
22. Bivariate Statistical Analysis: Tests of Differences

Appendix 22A: Nonparametric Statistics for Tests of Differences
Appendix 22B: ANOVA for Complex Experimental Designs

23. Bivariate Statistical Analysis: Measures of Association

Appendix 23A: Nonparametric Measures of Association

24. Multivariate Statistical Analysis
25. Communicating Research Results: Research Report, Oral Presentation, and Research Follow-Up.