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Business in Asia-Pacific : Text and Cases

Business in Asia-Pacific : Text and Cases - 01 edition

Business in Asia-Pacific : Text and Cases - 01 edition

ISBN13: 9780198782193

ISBN10: 0198782195

Business in Asia-Pacific : Text and Cases by Sonia El Kahal - ISBN 9780198782193
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 01
Copyright: 2001
Publisher: Oxford University Press
International: No
Business in Asia-Pacific : Text and Cases by Sonia El Kahal - ISBN 9780198782193

ISBN13: 9780198782193

ISBN10: 0198782195

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 01

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This textbook synthesizes an account of the Asia Pacific business environment with an analysis of management styles and decision-making techniques. The writing style is clear and easy to read throughout, and the author employs a variety of teaching and learning aids including case material, learning objectives, and chapter exercises which will help the student to take a more active approach to studying this popular topic on business and management courses.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Part I: Towards a Better Understanding of the Asian Crisis

1. The Roaring Tigers and the Asian Miracle
2. The Ailing Tigers: From 'Miracle' to Crisis
3. Disciplining the Tigers: Globalization and the Crisis in Asia Pacific
4. The Business Environment of Asia Pacific, Post-crisis
5. Country Reviews

Part II: Asian Management: Theory and Practice

6. Culture and Business in Asia Pacific
7. Japanese Management
8. Korean Management
9. Chinese Management

Part III: Strategic Planning for Asia Pacific after the Crisis

10. The Strategic Process
11. Post-Crisis Strategies for Asia Pacific
12. Methods of Entry into Asia Pacific Countries
13. Marketing in Asia Pacific, Post-crisis

Part IV: Case Studies

List of Case Studies
Daewoo: The Chaebol You Never Heard Of
Wal-Mart Goes to Asia Pacific
Dell: Direct Selling in Asia Pacific Post-crisis
Nike: Ethical Dilemmas of FDI in Asia Pacific
An Emerging Regional Manufacturing Network in South East Asia: The Case of Samsung
Matsushita: Putting the Employee First
Quality Circles at Land Rover: The UK Experience
Bad Luck of Bad Management? Peregrine and the Asian Financial Crisis
P. T. BIT: An Indonesian Textile Case Study
Coca-Cola Indochina Pte. Ltd.
Telecommunications in Thailand: The Mobile Phone Sector