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Career Development and Transition Services

Career Development and Transition Services - 4th edition

Career Development and Transition Services - 4th edition

ISBN13: 9780130485069

ISBN10: 0130485063

Career Development and Transition Services by Donn Brolin and Robert Loyd - ISBN 9780130485069
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 4TH 04
Copyright: 2004
Publisher: Merrill Education/Prentice Hall
International: No
Career Development and Transition Services by Donn Brolin and Robert Loyd - ISBN 9780130485069

ISBN13: 9780130485069

ISBN10: 0130485063

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 4TH 04

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For courses in Secondary Special Education and Transition.

The long-awaited revision of this classic text again offers a thorough, sensitive overview of the concepts and applications of transition education. Coverage takes a whole-life approach to meeting the functional/ transitional needs of students and adults for whom a career-oriented educational environment is optimal, including those who could benefit from community college programs. Based on the widely-used Life-Centered Career Education (LCCE) program, this text provides teaching strategies that focus on twenty-two major competency areas embracing daily living, personal/social, and occupational skills. Complete with a step-by-step program for implementing a school curriculum that teaches career and life skills, this is the text that defined the transition course in Special Education.


  • NEW--Thoroughly revised and updated coverage--Encompassing the full breadth of change in the field since the previous edition (1995).
    • Ensures students leave the course understanding the most recent legislation at both state and federal levels--and the expectations placed on educators by contemporary mandates.
  • NEW--Discussion of the latest LCCE Moderate Functional Curriculum --Addresses the rationale behind this curriculum as well as teaching strategies for its implementation.
    • Familiarizes students with one of the most popular transition/life skills curriculums--explains the theory behind its recommendations and helps students compare it to others in the field.
  • NEW--Chapter Outlook sections in every chapter.
    • Introduce readers to fifteen well-known and highly-respected leaders in the field--gives them a broad-based perspective on the state of special education today as well as a glimpse into what the "experts" envision for the future.
  • Preliminary Questions about the Topic and Chapter Overview sections--At the start of each chapter.
    • Focus students' attention on the major questions each chapter "answers"--helps them assess their current knowledge of chapter topics, thus inspiring confidence in their ability to understand new information.
  • Examples of assessments and sample lesson plans.
    • Offer concrete examples of how the competency-based assessments and educational strategies promoted by the text work in practice--serve as models for use by prospective educators' in their first classrooms.
  • Chapter Commentary sections and Activities --At the end of each chapter.
    • Summarize the chapter's main points and engage students in actions that incorporate the chapter's main ideas--provide a vehicle for assessing students' understanding of the chapter.
  • Numerous illustrations, charts, tables, and graphs.
    • Visually explain key chapter content--help make concepts accessible to a broad range of students who rely on a variety of learning styles.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


1. Educating Students with Special Learning and/or Behavior Needs.
2. A Functional Life Skills Curriculum Approach.
3. Life-Centered Career Education (LCCE) Mild/Moderate Curriculum Programs.


4. Family Support.
5. Community Agencies, Organizations, and Resources.
6. Business and Industry Involvement.


7. Functional Transition Assessment.
8. Transition Planning.
9. Transition Materials and Resources.
10. Self-Determination.


11. Daily Living Skills.
12. Personal-Social Skills.
13. Occupational Guidance and Preparation.


14. Developing LCCE Mild/Moderate Curriculum Programs.
15. Transition Issues and Future Directions.


A. Cooperative Agreement Between the Department of Education and the Division of Rehabilitation Services, State of West Virginia.
B. List of Professional Organizations.
C. LCCE Performance Test 17.
D. Functional Assessment Resources.
E. LCCE Resources Available from the Council for Exceptional Children.
F. Materials Correlated to the LCCE Mild Curriculum Competencies/Sub-competencies and List of Publishers.
G. Blank Lesson Plan Outline.
H. LCCE Action Plan Proposal 4.
I. Web Site Addresses.

Name Index.
Subject Index.
About the Authors.

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