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Casebook of Forensic Detection

Casebook of Forensic Detection - 96 edition

Casebook of Forensic Detection - 96 edition

ISBN13: 9780471283690

ISBN10: 047128369X

Casebook of Forensic Detection by Colin Evans - ISBN 9780471283690
Edition: 96
Copyright: 1996
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
International: No
Casebook of Forensic Detection by Colin Evans - ISBN 9780471283690

ISBN13: 9780471283690

ISBN10: 047128369X

Edition: 96

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A fascinating history of infamous crimes and the scientific sleuths who solved them

Colin Evans's book describes 100 heinous crimes were solved through the application of medical evidence. Cases range from the work of Sir Bernard Spilsbury, the 19th-century doctor who took pathology out of the morgue and splashed it across the headlines of newspapers around the globe, to the conviction of serial killer Ted Bundy based on the teeth marks he left on his victims. Each case is a gripping true-crime story, whether the experts use hypnosis, handwriting analysis, psychological profiling, ballistics, or DNA testing to convict a criminal or free the innocent.

Colin Evans (Middlesex, England) recently published Killer Doctors in Britain. He is a contributor to Great American Trials and writes regularly on crime-related subjects for the Orlando Sun-Sentinel.

Profiling the trailblazing titans of medical crimefighting.

"Pithy, concise, and remarkably accurate."--Science Books & Films.

Among the exciting cases in this popular forensic medicine reference are the uncanny identification of a person with only about one one-thousandth of her body remaining (a few hairs, nails and tooth fragments); the creepy psychological profile that helped track down a cannibal; and the clever forensic detective who finally caught Ted Bundy by identifying his teeth marks on victims.

Covers the 100 most absorbing, groundbreaking cases in forensic history. Features fascinating coverage of Alec Jeffreys' discovery of the DNA "fingerprint."

Colin Evans (Middlesex, England) is a professional writer who was a major contributor to Gale Research's Great American Trials.

Author Bio

Evans, Colin :

Colin Evans is the author of Killer Doctors and was a major contributor to Great American Trials. He divides his time between Florida and London.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Cause of Death.

Disputed Documents.

DNA Typing.

Explosives and Fire.


Forensic Anthropology.


Psychological Profiling.

Identification of Remains.


Time of Death.


Trace Evidence.