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Cases in Sport Marketing

Cases in Sport Marketing - 99 edition

Cases in Sport Marketing - 99 edition

ISBN13: 9780763708634

ISBN10: 0763708631

Cases in Sport Marketing by Mark McDonald and George Milne - ISBN 9780763708634
Cover type: Print On Demand
Edition: 99
Copyright: 1999
Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Publishers
International: No
Cases in Sport Marketing by Mark McDonald and George Milne - ISBN 9780763708634

ISBN13: 9780763708634

ISBN10: 0763708631

Cover type: Print On Demand
Edition: 99

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This new case book from leaders in the field of sport marketing simulates real-life scenarios for sport marketers as exhibition games in the preseason simulate the regular season for professional athletes. Cases in Sport Marketing begins with four introductory chapters to explain the case study method. The authors then provide various tools to use in case analysis; and a practice case with a student analysis. The remaining fifteen chapters contain fifteen sport marketing cases that cover a wide range of issues and sport industry segments. By working through the cases, students can examine an array of situations and gain experience grappling with actual problems faced by managers. Each case presents the critical issues at hand, possible alternatives for consideration, and the criterion necessary to make an informed decision. The final chapter provides an overview of the sport marketing field for those students, especially business students, who may have little or no background in sport marketing. Cases in Sport Marketing is the perfect supplement for marketing, sport marketing, sport policy, or sport management courses.

Fifteen case studies that simulate real-life situations for sport marketers/managers show students the profession in action and let them practice sport marketing concepts and strategies.

The cases have been carefully selected to represent the full spectrum of the sport industy and include companies such as the LPGA, Xerox International and Reebok and topics such as relationship marketing, retail strategies, and information technologies.

Comprehensive online teaching notes available at make using the case study method user-friendly and help maximize student learning.

Author Bio

McDonald, Mark : University of Massachusetts

Milne, George R. : University of Massachusetts

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

About the Authors


1. An Introduction to the Case Method
2. A Framework for Case Analysis
3. Analytical Tools for Case Analysis


4. Example Case and Analysis George Milne and Mark A. McDonald
5. Reebok (A) Andy Rohm
6. Reebok (B): The Reebok Running Category Andy Rohm
7. Avid Sports Mark A. McDonald and George R. Milne
8. Smuggler's Notch Resort Rod Warnick
9. Pier 39 Licensed Products Stores Susan C. Milne and Ronald P. Courtney
10. Salt Lake City 2002--The Prevention of Ambush Marketing Jay Gladden and David Shani
11. B3: The Bikes, Blades, and Boards Tour Dan Covell
12. The Ladies Professional Gold Association (LPGA) Mark A. McDonald and George R. Milne
13. The LPGA Fan Village William A. Sutton and Cindy Davis
14. The Ouray Case Suzanne Lainson
15. Xerox and the Asian Winter Games David K. Stotlar
16. The Creation and Maintenance of Brand Equity--the Case of University of Massachusetts Basketball Jay Gladden and Glenn M. Wong
17. Miami University: The Redskins Name Controversy Thomas C. Boyd and David W. Rosenthal
18. Miami University: The Creation and Transfer of Brand Equity Thomas C. Boyd and David W. Rosenthal
19. Race for the Cure Betina Cornwell and Donald P. Roy


20. Review of Sport Marketing for Case Analysis