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Foreign Economics Textbooks

cover of Global Economy and Its Economic Systems
Global Economy and Its Economic Systems
by Paul R. Gregory and Robert C. Stuart
ISBN13: 978-1285055350
cover of Chinese Economy : Transitions and Growth
Chinese Economy : Transitions and Growth
by Barry Naughton
ISBN13: 978-0262640640
cover of Brazilian Economy (7th edition)
Brazilian Economy
by Werner Baer
ISBN13: 978-1588268426
7th Edition
cover of Macroeconomics (Canadian) (6th edition)
Macroeconomics (Canadian)
by Parkin
ISBN13: 978-0321417756
6th Edition
cover of Economics: Canada in Global...(Canadian) (9th edition)
Economics: Canada in Global...(Canadian)
by Parkin
ISBN13: 978-0321931191
9th Edition
cover of Economics (Canadian) (12th edition)
Economics (Canadian)
by Christopher Ragan and Richard Lipsey
ISBN13: 978-0321678423
12th Edition
cover of Macroeconomics - With Myeconlab (Canadian) (8th edition)
Macroeconomics - With Myeconlab (Canadian)
by Michael Parkin
ISBN13: 978-0321808370
8th Edition