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Economics Handbooks, Resources, & References Textbooks

cover of Accounting, Economics (Custom Package) (11th edition)
Accounting, Economics (Custom Package)
by St. Leo University
Access Code
ISBN13: 978-1269938440
11th Edition
cover of Americans: An Economic Record (84 edition)
Americans: An Economic Record
by Stanley Lebergott
ISBN13: 978-0393953114
84 Edition
cover of Companion to Urban Economics (8th edition)
Companion to Urban Economics
by Richard J. Arnott
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ISBN13: 978-1405179683
8th Edition
cover of Complete Idiot`s Guide to Economics (2nd edition)
Complete Idiot's Guide to Economics
by Tom Gorman
ISBN13: 978-1592579815
2nd Edition
cover of Crisis Econoamics (10th edition)
Crisis Econoamics
by Nouriel Roubini
ISBN13: 978-0143119630
10th Edition
cover of Crisis Economics (10th edition)
Crisis Economics
by Nouriel Roubini and Stephen Mihm
ISBN13: 978-1594202506
10th Edition
cover of Dictionary of Economics (4th edition)
Dictionary of Economics
by John Black
ISBN13: 978-0199696321
4th Edition
cover of Economics for the Rest of Us (10th edition)
Economics for the Rest of Us
by Moshe Adler
ISBN13: 978-1595586414
10th Edition
cover of Economics Made Easy (3rd edition)
Economics Made Easy
by Les Livingstone
ISBN13: 978-1481032346
3rd Edition