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Marketing Management Textbooks

How did that credit card offer make its way to your mailbox? Why were offered a $10 credit on that online website last week, and today it was $15? The answer lies in marketing management textbooks. Examining the application and execution of marketing principles, this comprehensive collection of textbooks explores the processes and decisions involved in the creation, communication, sale, and distribution of products and services. Often analyzed via case studies, these marketing textbooks focus on competitive positioning, consumer behavior, market segmentation, market research, branding, and distribution channels.

cover of 2011 Update to Marketing Management (11th edition)
2011 Update to Marketing Management
by Marshall
ISBN13: 978-0077545567
11th Edition
cover of 30 Day MBA in Marketing (11th edition)
30 Day MBA in Marketing
by Colin Barrow
ISBN13: 978-0749462178
11th Edition
cover of Advertising Campaign Planning (5th edition)
Advertising Campaign Planning
by Avery
ISBN13: 978-0978663834
5th Edition
cover of Airline Marketing and Management (7th edition)
Airline Marketing and Management
by Stephen Shaw
Print On Demand
ISBN13: 978-1409401490
7th Edition
cover of B2B Brand Management (6th edition)
B2B Brand Management
by Philip Kotler
Print On Demand
ISBN13: 978-3540253600
6th Edition
cover of Business Market Management (3rd edition)
Business Market Management
by James C. Anderson
ISBN13: 978-0136000884
3rd Edition
cover of Business Marketing Management: B2B (11th edition)
Business Marketing Management: B2B
by Michael D. Hutt
ISBN13: 978-1133189565
11th Edition
cover of Business-to-Business Marketing (3rd edition)
Business-to-Business Marketing
by Ross Brennan
ISBN13: 978-1446273739
3rd Edition
cover of Business-to-Business Marketing (4th edition)
Business-to-Business Marketing
ISBN13: 978-1473973442
4th Edition