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Principles of Management Textbooks

cover of 11 Rules for Creating Value In #SocialEra (12th edition)
11 Rules for Creating Value In #SocialEra
by Nilofer Merchant
ISBN13: 978-1492831426
12th Edition
cover of 911 Management (99 edition)
911 Management
by Joseph J. Bannon
ISBN13: 978-1571671325
99 Edition
cover of BADM 111: Fundamentals of Management (Custom) (6th edition)
BADM 111: Fundamentals of Management (Custom)
by Griffin
ISBN13: 978-1285136769
6th Edition
cover of Be Quick but Don`t Hurry (1st edition)
Be Quick but Don't Hurry
by Andrew Hill
ISBN13: 978-0743213882
1st Edition
cover of Building Management Skills (14th edition)
Building Management Skills
by Daft
ISBN13: 978-0324235999
14th Edition
cover of Business Foundations: Changing World (11th edition)
Business Foundations: Changing World
by O. C. Ferrell, Geoffrey Hirt and Linda Ferrell
ISBN13: 978-1259685231
11th Edition
cover of Business Management (13th edition)
Business Management
by James L. Burrow and Brad Kleindl
ISBN13: 978-1111571726
13th Edition
cover of Business SparkChart Package (3rd edition)
Business SparkChart Package
by SparkNotes
3rd Edition