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Cost Accounting Textbooks

Simply put, cost accounting textbooks study the “cost” to run a business. More strategic and scientific, cost accounting aims to evaluate expenditures and losses associated with a business’s operations and production – mainly raw materials, labor, and overhead expenses. A foundational course for accounting majors and business students, cost accounting is different from financial accounting, which focuses on profit-and-loss actuals. Instead, cost accounting guides decision-making and strategy for a company’s future operations.

cover of Fundamentals of Cost Accounting (5th edition)
Fundamentals of Cost Accounting
ISBN13: 978-1259565403
5th Edition
cover of Macroeconomics (Looseleaf) (6th edition)
Macroeconomics (Looseleaf)
by Glenn P. Hubbard and Anthony P. O'Brien
ISBN13: 978-0134126081
6th Edition
cover of Horngren`s Cost Accounting (Looseleaf) - Text Only (16th edition)
Horngren's Cost Accounting (Looseleaf) - Text Only
by Srikant M. Datar and Madhav V. Rajan
ISBN13: 978-0134476032
16th Edition
cover of Cost Management (7th edition)
Cost Management
by Blocher
ISBN13: 978-0077733773
7th Edition
cover of Cost Accounting (Custom) (14th edition)
Cost Accounting (Custom)
by William K. Carter
Print On Demand
ISBN13: 978-0759338098
14th Edition
cover of Cost Accounting - Text Only (15th edition)
Cost Accounting - Text Only
by Charles T. Horngren
ISBN13: 978-0133428704
15th Edition
cover of Cornerstones of Cost Management (3rd edition)
Cornerstones of Cost Management
by Hansen
ISBN13: 978-1285751788
3rd Edition
cover of Cost Accounting (9th edition)
Cost Accounting
by Michael R. Kinney
ISBN13: 978-1111971724
9th Edition