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Enlightenment Era Textbooks

cover of Portable Enlightenment Reader
Portable Enlightenment Reader
by Isaac Ed. Kramnick
ISBN13: 978-0140245660
cover of Columbus and Other Cannibals
Columbus and Other Cannibals
by Jack D. Forbes
ISBN13: 978-1583227817
cover of Enlightenment Sourcebook and Reader
Enlightenment Sourcebook and Reader
by Paul Hyland
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ISBN13: 978-0415204491
cover of Enlightenment: A Brief History with Documents (2nd edition)
Enlightenment: A Brief History with Documents
by Margaret C. Jacob
ISBN13: 978-1319048860
2nd Edition
cover of Enlightenment : Studies in European History (2nd edition)
Enlightenment : Studies in European History
by Roy Porter
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ISBN13: 978-0333945056
2nd Edition
cover of Revolutionary Era: 1789-1850 (3rd edition)
Revolutionary Era: 1789-1850
by Charles Breunig and Matthew Levinger
ISBN13: 978-0393978605
3rd Edition
cover of Enlightenment
by Dena Goodman and Kathleen Wellman
ISBN13: 978-0618312962
cover of France in the Enlightenment
France in the Enlightenment
by Daniel Roche and Arthur Translator Goldhammer
ISBN13: 978-0674001992