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Arts and humanities textbooks cover a wide range of topics, from architecture and pop culture to philosophy and religions. Creative arts - such as theatre, painting, or music - are considered a subcategory of humanities, an overarching discipline dedicated to the study of human culture. Your humanities textbooks might dig deeper into literature, cultural anthropology, or classical music.

cover of World of Art (8th edition)
World of Art
ISBN13: 978-0134081809
8th Edition
cover of MIS 7: Student Edition - With Access (7th edition)
MIS 7: Student Edition - With Access
by Hossein Bidgoli
ISBN13: 978-1305667570
7th Edition
cover of Introduction to Sociology (OER) (2nd edition)
Introduction to Sociology (OER)
ISBN13: 978-1938168413
2nd Edition
cover of Business Law Today: Essentials (11th edition)
Business Law Today: Essentials
ISBN13: 978-1305574793
11th Edition
cover of Prebles` Artforms (11th edition)
Prebles' Artforms
ISBN13: 978-0205968114
11th Edition
cover of Fundamentals of Ethics (4th edition)
Fundamentals of Ethics
ISBN13: 978-0190631390
4th Edition
cover of Enjoyment of Music, Shorter Edition - With Access (12th edition)
Enjoyment of Music, Shorter Edition - With Access
by Kristine Forney, Andrew Dell'Antonio and Joseph Machlis
ISBN13: 978-0393936384
12th Edition
cover of What`s That Sound? (4th edition)
What's That Sound?
by John Covach and Andrew Flory
ISBN13: 978-0393937251
4th Edition
cover of Invitation to World Religions (2nd edition)
Invitation to World Religions
ISBN13: 978-0199378364
2nd Edition