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Introduction to Philosophy Textbooks

cover of Introduction to Philosophy (7th edition)
Introduction to Philosophy
by Perry
ISBN13: 978-0190200237
7th Edition
cover of Problems From Philosophy (3rd edition)
Problems From Philosophy
by James Rachels and Stuart Rachels
ISBN13: 978-0073535890
3rd Edition
cover of Philosophy: Quest for Truth (10th edition)
Philosophy: Quest for Truth
by Louis P. Pojman
ISBN13: 978-0190254773
10th Edition
cover of Introducing Philosophy: A Text with Integrated Readings (11th edition)
Introducing Philosophy: A Text with Integrated Readings
by Robert C. Solomon
ISBN13: 978-0190209452
11th Edition
cover of Philosophy: A Text With Readings (13th edition)
Philosophy: A Text With Readings
by Manuel Velasquez
ISBN13: 978-1305410473
13th Edition
cover of Philosopher`s Way (5th edition)
Philosopher's Way
by John Chaffee
ISBN13: 978-0133867541
5th Edition
cover of Philosophy: Power of Ideas (9th edition)
Philosophy: Power of Ideas
by Brooke Noel Moore
ISBN13: 978-0078038358
9th Edition
cover of Philosophical Journey (6th edition)
Philosophical Journey
by William Lawhead
ISBN13: 978-0078038341
6th Edition
cover of Does The Center Hold? (7th edition)
Does The Center Hold?
by Donald Palmer
ISBN13: 978-1259907951
7th Edition