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Aesthetics Textbooks

cover of Aesthetics (97 edition)
by Susan L. Ed. Feagin and Patrick Ed. Maynard
ISBN13: 978-0192892751
97 Edition
cover of Aesthetics : A Critical Anthology (2nd edition)
Aesthetics : A Critical Anthology
by George Dickie, Richard Sclafani and Ronald Roblin
ISBN13: 978-0312003098
2nd Edition
cover of Aesthetics : Issues and Inquiry (92 edition)
Aesthetics : Issues and Inquiry
by E. Louis Lankford
ISBN13: 978-0937652602
92 Edition
cover of Aesthetics : Reader in Philosophy of Arts (2nd edition)
Aesthetics : Reader in Philosophy of Arts
by David Goldblatt and Lee B. Brown
ISBN13: 978-0131121447
2nd Edition
cover of Aesthetics : The Big Questions (98 edition)
Aesthetics : The Big Questions
by Carolyn Korsmeyer
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ISBN13: 978-0631205944
98 Edition
cover of Aesthetics and Politics (7th edition)
Aesthetics and Politics
by Theodor Wiesengrund Adorno, Walter Benjamin and Ernst Bloch
ISBN13: 978-1844675708
7th Edition
cover of Aesthetics in Perspective (95 edition)
Aesthetics in Perspective
by Roger D. Higgins
ISBN13: 978-0534642105
95 Edition
cover of Aesthetics of Music (97 edition)
Aesthetics of Music
by Roger Scruton
ISBN13: 978-0198167273
97 Edition
cover of Aesthetics: A Beginner`s Guide (11th edition)
Aesthetics: A Beginner's Guide
by Charles Taliaferro
ISBN13: 978-1851688203
11th Edition