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Epistemology Textbooks

cover of Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding (2nd edition)
Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding
by David Hume, Eric Editor Steinberg and Introduction
ISBN13: 978-0872202290
2nd Edition
cover of Epistemology: An Anthology (2nd edition)
Epistemology: An Anthology
by Ernest Sosa
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ISBN13: 978-1405169660
2nd Edition
cover of Epistemology
by Richard Feldman
ISBN13: 978-0133416459
cover of Philosophical Investigations (3rd edition)
Philosophical Investigations
by Ludwig Wittgenstein
ISBN13: 978-0024288103
3rd Edition
cover of Ways of Knowing - With Access (Canadian) (2nd edition)
Ways of Knowing - With Access (Canadian)
by Yale D. Belanger
ISBN13: 978-0176508630
2nd Edition
cover of Indigenous Research Methodologies
Indigenous Research Methodologies
by Bagele Chilisa
ISBN13: 978-1412958820
cover of Decolonizing Methodologies: Research and Indigenous Peoples (2nd edition)
Decolonizing Methodologies: Research and Indigenous Peoples
by Linda Tuhiwai Smith
ISBN13: 978-1848139503
2nd Edition
cover of How Do We Know?
How Do We Know?
by James K. Dew and Mark W. Foreman
ISBN13: 978-0830840366