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Contemporary European Philosophy Textbooks

cover of Continental Philosophy
Continental Philosophy
by William Mcneill and Karen Feldman
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ISBN13: 978-1557865618
cover of Path of Philosophy
Path of Philosophy
by John Marmysz
ISBN13: 978-0495509325
cover of Production of Space
Production of Space
by Henri Lefebvre
ISBN13: 978-0631181774
cover of Foucault Reader
Foucault Reader
by Michael Foucault and Paul Ed. Rainbow
ISBN13: 978-0394713403
cover of Society Must Be Defended
Society Must Be Defended
by Michel Foucault and David Macey
ISBN13: 978-0312422660
cover of Barthes Reader
Barthes Reader
by Roland Barthes and Susan Ed. Sontag
ISBN13: 978-0374521448
cover of Classics of Philosophy, Volume III
Classics of Philosophy, Volume III
by Louis Pojman
ISBN13: 978-0195132830
cover of Foucault for Beginners
Foucault for Beginners
by Lydia Alix Fillingham
ISBN13: 978-1934389126
cover of Totality and Infinity: Essay On Exteriority
Totality and Infinity: Essay On Exteriority
by Emmanuel Levinas
ISBN13: 978-0820702452