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Contemporary European Philosophy Textbooks

cover of Acts of Literature (92 edition)
Acts of Literature
by Jacques Derrida
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ISBN13: 978-0415900577
92 Edition
cover of Aporias (93 edition)
by Jacques Derrida
ISBN13: 978-0804722520
93 Edition
cover of Barthes Reader (82 edition)
Barthes Reader
by Roland Barthes and Susan Ed. Sontag
ISBN13: 978-0374521448
82 Edition
cover of Being Singular Plural (00 edition)
Being Singular Plural
by Jean-Luc Nancy, R. Translator Richardson and A. Translator O'Byrne
ISBN13: 978-0804739757
00 Edition
cover of Bergsonism (90 edition)
by Gilles Deleuze
ISBN13: 978-0942299076
90 Edition
cover of Cambridge Companion to Gadamer (2nd edition)
Cambridge Companion to Gadamer
by Robert J. Dostal
ISBN13: 978-0521000413
2nd Edition
cover of Comments on the Society of Spectacle (3rd edition)
Comments on the Society of Spectacle
by Guy Debord
ISBN13: 978-1844676729
3rd Edition
cover of Companion to Continental Philosophy (98 edition)
Companion to Continental Philosophy
by Simon Critchley and William Schroeder
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ISBN13: 978-0631218500
98 Edition
cover of Continental Philosophy (98 edition)
Continental Philosophy
by William Mcneill and Karen Feldman
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ISBN13: 978-1557865618
98 Edition