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Contemporary American Philosophy Textbooks

cover of Philosophy of Sex: Contemporary Readings (7th edition)
Philosophy of Sex: Contemporary Readings
by Raja Halwani
ISBN13: 978-1442261433
7th Edition
cover of Web of Belief (2nd edition)
Web of Belief
by W. V. Quine and J. S. Ullian
ISBN13: 978-0075536093
2nd Edition
cover of American Philosophies : Anthology
American Philosophies : Anthology
by Leonard Harris, Scott L. Pratt and Anne Eds. Waters
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ISBN13: 978-0631210023
cover of Best Things in Life
Best Things in Life
by Peter Kreeft
ISBN13: 978-0877849223
cover of Mortal Questions
Mortal Questions
by Thomas Nagel
ISBN13: 978-0521406765
cover of Denial of Death, with New Forward by Keen
Denial of Death, with New Forward by Keen
by Ernest Becker
ISBN13: 978-0684832401
cover of Mind and Cognition: Anthology (3rd edition)
Mind and Cognition: Anthology
by William Lycan
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ISBN13: 978-1405157858
3rd Edition
cover of Virtue of Selfishness
Virtue of Selfishness
by Ayn Rand
ISBN13: 978-0451163936