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Philosophical Dictionaries Textbooks

cover of Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy (3rd edition)
Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy
by Blackburn
ISBN13: 978-0198735304
3rd Edition
cover of Philosophical Dictionary
Philosophical Dictionary
by Francois Voltaire and Theodore Translator Besterman
ISBN13: 978-0140442571
cover of HarperCollins Dictionary of Philosophy (2nd edition)
HarperCollins Dictionary of Philosophy
by Peter A. Angeles
ISBN13: 978-0064610261
2nd Edition
cover of Cambridge Dictionary of Philosophy (3rd edition)
Cambridge Dictionary of Philosophy
by Robert Audi
ISBN13: 978-1107643796
3rd Edition
cover of Dictionary of World Philosophy
Dictionary of World Philosophy
by A. Pablo Iannone

ISBN13: 978-0203187197
cover of Kant Dictionary
Kant Dictionary
by Howard Caygill
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ISBN13: 978-0631175353
cover of Dictionary of Philosophical Quotations
Dictionary of Philosophical Quotations
by A. J. Ayer and Jane Eds. O'Grady
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ISBN13: 978-0631194781
cover of Dictionary of Common Philosophy Terms
Dictionary of Common Philosophy Terms
by Gregory Pence
ISBN13: 978-0072829310