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Legal Dictionaries & Terminology Textbooks

cover of Legal Terminology (6th edition)
Legal Terminology
by Gordon Brown and Kent Kauffman
ISBN13: 978-0133766974
6th Edition
cover of Oran`s Dictionary of the Law -With CD (4th edition)
Oran's Dictionary of the Law -With CD
by Daniel Oran and Mark Tosti
ISBN13: 978-1418080914
4th Edition
cover of Ballentine`s Legal Dictionary and Thesaurus
Ballentine's Legal Dictionary and Thesaurus
by Jonathan S. Lynton
ISBN13: 978-0827365261
cover of Legal Studies : Terminology and Transcription / With CD (5th edition)
Legal Studies : Terminology and Transcription / With CD
by Wanda Roderick-Bolton
ISBN13: 978-0538437226
5th Edition
cover of Law Dictionary for Nonlawyers (4th edition)
Law Dictionary for Nonlawyers
by Daniel Oran
ISBN13: 978-0766817432
4th Edition
cover of Random House Webster`s Dictionary of Law
Random House Webster's Dictionary of Law
by James E. Clapp
ISBN13: 978-0375702396
cover of Plain English for Lawyers (3rd edition)
Plain English for Lawyers
by Richard C. Wydick
ISBN13: 978-0890895610
3rd Edition
cover of Barron`s Law Dictionary (Trade) (6th edition)
Barron's Law Dictionary (Trade)
by Steven H. Gifis
ISBN13: 978-0764143588
6th Edition
cover of Legal Terminology
Legal Terminology
by Robert J. Glidewell
ISBN13: 978-0735576971