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Administrative Law & Regulatory Practice Textbooks

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cover of Acting in Time on Energy Policy (09)

by Kelly Gallagher

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-0815702931
ISBN10: 0815702930

Edition: 09
cover of Adkar: A Model for Change in Business, Government and our Community (06)

by Jeffrey M. Hiatt

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-1930885509
ISBN10: 1930885504

Edition: 06
cover of Administration and Management of Criminal Justice Organ. (5TH 10)

by Stan Stojkovic

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-1577666394
ISBN10: 1577666399

Edition: 5TH 10
cover of Administration Law and Process in a Nutshell (3RD 90)

by Gellhorn

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-0314761842
ISBN10: 0314761845

Edition: 3RD 90
cover of Administration Law and Process in a Nutshell (6TH 17)

by Levin

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-1628103557
ISBN10: 1628103558

Edition: 6TH 17
cover of Administration Law: Amer. Public Law System (7TH 14)

by Mashaw

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-0314285447
ISBN10: 031428544X

Edition: 7TH 14
cover of Administration of Criminal Justice : Structure, Function, and Process (03)

by Dean John Champion

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-0130842343
ISBN10: 0130842346

Edition: 03
cover of Administration of Wills, Trusts and Estates -Text Only (4TH 09)

by Brown

Cover Type:

Edition: 4TH 09
cover of Administration of Wills, Trusts and Estates-Text Only (5TH 13)

by Gordon Brown and Sc...

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-1133016779
ISBN10: 1133016774

Edition: 5TH 13
cover of Administrative Behavior (4TH 97)

by Herbert A. Simon

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-0684835822
ISBN10: 0684835827

Edition: 4TH 97
cover of Administrative Behavior of Federal Bureau Chiefs (81)

by Herbert Kaufman

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-0815748434
ISBN10: 0815748434

Edition: 81
cover of Administrative Law (4TH 06)

by Steven J. Cann

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-1412913966
ISBN10: 1412913969

Edition: 4TH 06
cover of Administrative Law (08)

by John D. DeLeo

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-1401858773
ISBN10: 1401858775

Edition: 08
cover of Administrative Law (3RD 12)

by John M. Rogers

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-1454807049
ISBN10: 1454807040

Edition: 3RD 12
cover of Administrative Law (2ND 12)

by Richard J. Pierce

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-1609301132
ISBN10: 1609301137

Edition: 2ND 12
cover of Administrative Law (13)

by Seamon

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-1594606762
ISBN10: 1594606765

Edition: 13
cover of Administrative Law (2ND 15)

by Glicksman

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-1609303365
ISBN10: 1609303369

Edition: 2ND 15
cover of Administrative Law : Bureaucracy in a Democracy (4TH 09)

by Daniel E. Hall and ...

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-0135005187
ISBN10: 0135005183

Edition: 4TH 09
cover of Administrative Law : Casebook (7TH 11)

by Bernard Schwartz

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-0735587465
ISBN10: 0735587469

Edition: 7TH 11
cover of Administrative Law : Casebook (8TH 14)

by Bernard Schwartz, R...

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-1454838098
ISBN10: 1454838094

Edition: 8TH 14