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Family Law Textbooks

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cover of Constitutional Rights of Children: In Re Gault and Juvenile Justice (11)

by David Spinoza Tanen...

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ISBN13: 978-0700618149
ISBN10: 0700618147

Edition: 11
cover of Contemporary Family Law (3RD 12)

by Douglas E. Abrams

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ISBN13: 978-0314276872
ISBN10: 0314276874

Edition: 3RD 12
cover of Contemporary Family Law (4TH 15)

by Douglas Abrams and ...

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ISBN13: 978-1628101652
ISBN10: 1628101652

Edition: 4TH 15
cover of Contemporary Issues in Higher Education Law (2ND 11)

by Joseph Beckham

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ISBN13: 978-1565341456
ISBN10: 1565341457

Edition: 2ND 11
cover of Contract Negotiation Handbook (08)


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ISBN13: 978-1435706392
ISBN10: 1435706390

Edition: 08
cover of Copyright for Schools (5TH 10)

by Carol Ann Simpson

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ISBN13: 978-1586833930
ISBN10: 1586833936

Edition: 5TH 10
cover of Cyber Law: Maximizing Safety and Minimizing Risk in Classrooms (09)

by Aimee M. Bissonette

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ISBN13: 978-1412966153
ISBN10: 1412966159

Edition: 09
cover of Decedents` Estates, Cases and Materials (2ND 10)

by Raymond C. OBrien

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ISBN13: 978-1594609039
ISBN10: 1594609039

Edition: 2ND 10
cover of Dismantling Desegregation (96)

by Gary Orfield and Su...

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ISBN13: 978-1565844018
ISBN10: 1565844017

Edition: 96
cover of Dispute Resolution (5TH 07)

by Goldberg, Sander, R...

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ISBN13: 978-0735564039
ISBN10: 0735564035

Edition: 5TH 07
cover of Dispute Resolution (2ND 11)

by Moffitt

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ISBN13: 978-0735599567
ISBN10: 0735599564

Edition: 2ND 11
cover of Dispute Resolution (6TH 12)

by Stephen B. Goldberg

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ISBN13: 978-0735507104
ISBN10: 0735507104

Edition: 6TH 12
cover of Dispute Resolution (3RD 14)

by Michael L. Moffitt

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ISBN13: 978-1454833970
ISBN10: 1454833971

Edition: 3RD 14
cover of Dispute Resolution and Lawyers (5TH 14)

by Riskin

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ISBN13: 978-0314285904
ISBN10: 0314285903

Edition: 5TH 14
cover of Dispute Resolution and Lawyers: Abridged Edition (5TH 14)

by Leonard L. Riskin, ...

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ISBN13: 978-0314285898
ISBN10: 031428589X

Edition: 5TH 14
cover of Divorce and Family Mediation : Models, Techniques, and Applications (04)

by Jay Folberg, Ann L....

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ISBN13: 978-1593850029
ISBN10: 1593850026

Edition: 04
cover of Divorce and New Beginnings (92)

by Clapp

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ISBN13: 978-0471526315
ISBN10: 0471526312

Edition: 92
cover of Divorce Lawyers and Their Clients Power and Meaning in the Legal Process (95)

by Austin Sarat and Wi...

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ISBN13: 978-0195117998
ISBN10: 0195117999

Edition: 95
cover of Divorce Without Court (3RD 13)

by Katherine Stoner

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ISBN13: 978-1413317138
ISBN10: 1413317138

Edition: 3RD 13
cover of Doc Supplement International Comm. Arbitrat-Trans Perspectives (5TH 12)

by Varady,Tibor

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ISBN13: 978-0314281265
ISBN10: 0314281266

Edition: 5TH 12