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cover of Above the Law : Police and the Excessive Use of Force (93)

by Jerome H. Skolnick ...

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-0029291535
ISBN10: 0029291534

Edition: 93
cover of Action Spanish for Law Enforcement: Spanish for Beginners (02)

by Michael Kane, Barba...

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-0130852052
ISBN10: 0130852058

Edition: 02
cover of Actual Innocence : Five Days to Execution and Other Dispatches from the Wrongly Convicted (00)

by Barry Scheck, Peter...

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-0385493413
ISBN10: 038549341X

Edition: 00
cover of Actual Innocence: When Justice Goes Wrong and How to Make It Right ((REV)03)

by Barry Scheck, Jim D...

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-0451209825
ISBN10: 0451209826

Edition: (REV)03
cover of Algiers Motel Incident (98)

by John Hersey

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ISBN13: 978-0801857775
ISBN10: 0801857775

Edition: 98
cover of Anti-Terrorism and Criminal Enforcement (03)

by Norman Abrams

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ISBN13: 978-0314144638
ISBN10: 0314144633

Edition: 03
cover of Armed and Dangerous : Memoirs of a Chicago Policewoman (01)

by Gina Gallo

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ISBN13: 978-0312878900
ISBN10: 0312878907

Edition: 01
cover of Basic Patrol Procedures (84)

by Tim Perry

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ISBN13: 978-1879215184
ISBN10: 1879215187

Edition: 84
cover of Black in Blue : African-American Police Officers and Racism (04)

by Kenneth Bolton

Cover Type:
Print On Demand
ISBN13: 978-0415945189
ISBN10: 0415945186

Edition: 04
cover of Breaking Rank : Top Cop`s Expose of the Dark Side of American Policing (05)

by Norm Stamper

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ISBN13: 978-1560258551
ISBN10: 1560258551

Edition: 05
cover of Briefs of Lead. Cases in Law Enforcement (9TH 15)

by Ronald V. Delcarmen

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Print On Demand
ISBN13: 978-0323353984
ISBN10: 0323353983

Edition: 9TH 15
cover of Busted: A Tale of Corruption and Betrayal in the City of Brotherly Love (14)

by Wendy Ruderman

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-0062085450
ISBN10: 006208545X

Edition: 14
cover of California Criminal Law Concepts 2016 Edition (17TH 16)

by Derald D. Hunt

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-1323416327
ISBN10: 1323416323

Edition: 17TH 16
cover of Canadian Police Work (Canadian) (3RD 13)

by Curt Griffiths

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-0176506582
ISBN10: 0176506586

Edition: 3RD 13
cover of Canadian Police Work (Canadian) (4TH 16)

by Curt T. Griffiths

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-0176582937
ISBN10: 0176582932

Edition: 4TH 16
cover of Cases and Prob. in Criminal Proc. : Police (6TH 14)

by Moskovitz

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-1630430511
ISBN10: 163043051X

Edition: 6TH 14
cover of Cases and Problems in Criminal Procedure : The Police (5TH 10)

by Myron Moskovitz

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-1422470459
ISBN10: 1422470458

Edition: 5TH 10
cover of Challenge of Crime : Rethinking Our Response (03)

by Henry Ruth and Kevi...

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-0674021068
ISBN10: 0674021061

Edition: 03
cover of City of Courts (03)

by Michael Willrich

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-0521794039
ISBN10: 052179403X

Edition: 03
cover of Comparative and International Criminal Justice : Traditional and Nontraditional Systems of Law and Control (2ND 05)

by Charles B. Fields a...

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-1577663508
ISBN10: 1577663500

Edition: 2ND 05