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Supreme Court Textbooks

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cover of Contempt of Court : The Turn-Of-The-Century Lynching That Launched 100 Years of Federalism (99)

by Mark Curriden and L...

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ISBN13: 978-0385720823
ISBN10: 0385720823

Edition: 99
cover of Courage of Their Convictions: Sixteen Americans Who Fought Their Way to the Supreme Court (88)

by Peter Irons

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ISBN13: 978-0140128109
ISBN10: 0140128107

Edition: 88
cover of Court Divided : Rehnquist Court and the Future of Constitutional Law (05)

by Mark Tushnet

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ISBN13: 978-0393327571
ISBN10: 0393327574

Edition: 05
cover of Courting Disaster (04)

by Pat Robertson

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ISBN13: 978-0785297307
ISBN10: 0785297308

Edition: 04
cover of Crafting Law on the Supreme Court : The Collegial Game (00)

by Forrest Maltzman, J...

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ISBN13: 978-0521783941
ISBN10: 0521783941

Edition: 00
cover of Criminal Procedure and Const. (2013)-Casebook (13)

by Israel

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ISBN13: 978-0314288417
ISBN10: 0314288414

Edition: 13
cover of Criminal Procedure and the Constitution, Leading Supreme Court Cases and Introductory Text - Casebook (14)

by Jerold Israel

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ISBN13: 978-1628101249
ISBN10: 1628101245

Edition: 14
cover of Criminal Procedure in a Nutshell (8TH 14)

by Jerold H. Israel

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ISBN13: 978-0314288929
ISBN10: 0314288929

Edition: 8TH 14
cover of Death Penalty (2ND 08)

by Del Carmen, Vollum,...

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ISBN13: 978-1593455750
ISBN10: 1593455755

Edition: 2ND 08
cover of Deciding to Decide : Agenda Setting in the United States Supreme Court (91)

by H. W. Perry

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ISBN13: 978-0674194434
ISBN10: 0674194438

Edition: 91
cover of Decision Making by Modern Supreme Court (11)

by Richard L. Pacelle

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ISBN13: 978-0521717717
ISBN10: 052171771X

Edition: 11
cover of Deshaney Case (07)

by Lynne Curry

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ISBN13: 978-0700614974
ISBN10: 0700614974

Edition: 07
cover of Dred Scott Case : Its Significance in American Law and Politics (78)

by Don E. Fehrenbacher

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ISBN13: 978-0195145885
ISBN10: 0195145887

Edition: 78
cover of Earl Warren : A Public Life (87)

by G. Edward White

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ISBN13: 978-0195049367
ISBN10: 0195049365

Edition: 87
cover of End of Inequality : One Person, One Vote, and the Transformation of American Politics (08)

by Stephen Ansolabeher...

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ISBN13: 978-0393931037
ISBN10: 039393103X

Edition: 08
cover of Essential Supreme Court Decisions: Summaries of Leading Cases in U.S. Constitutional Law (16TH 14)

by John R. Vile

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ISBN13: 978-1442225572
ISBN10: 1442225572

Edition: 16TH 14
cover of Freedom of Expression in the Supreme Court (00)

by Terry Eastland

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ISBN13: 978-0847697113
ISBN10: 0847697118

Edition: 00
cover of Gideon`s Trumpet (64)

by Anthony Lewis

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ISBN13: 978-0679723127
ISBN10: 0679723129

Edition: 64
cover of Government by Judiciary : The Transformation of the Fourteenth Amendment (2ND 97)

by Raoul Berger

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ISBN13: 978-0865971448
ISBN10: 0865971447

Edition: 2ND 97
cover of Great Decision: Jefferson, Adams, Marshall, and the Battle for the Supreme Court (09)

by Cliff Sloan

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ISBN13: 978-1586488055
ISBN10: 1586488058

Edition: 09