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French Textbooks

Merci. Oui. Savoir-faire. C’est bon. If your French is limited now, it won’t be after adventuring into this extensive collection of French textbooks. A Romance language spoken by more than 70 million people, French is a popular course for high school learners, college students, and avid travelers. A variety of resources – like French dictionaries, French grammar textbooks, and French practice books - are great for foundational learning, while French literature and other readings in French will strengthen your comprehension of this gorgeous language. Heading to France or another French-speaking country soon? We also have a host of French pocket dictionaries.

cover of Vis-A-Vis: Beginning French (6th edition)
Vis-A-Vis: Beginning French
by Evelyne Amon
ISBN13: 978-0073386478
6th Edition
cover of Liaisons: An Introduction to French - With Access (2nd edition)
Liaisons: An Introduction to French - With Access
by Wynne Wong
ISBN13: 978-1305262751
2nd Edition
cover of Promenades - Text Only (2nd edition)
Promenades - Text Only
by Cherie Mitschke and Cheryl Tano
ISBN13: 978-1618570147
2nd Edition
cover of Deux mondes: A Communicative Approach (7th edition)
Deux mondes: A Communicative Approach
by Tracy D. Terrell
ISBN13: 978-0073386454
7th Edition
cover of Horizons - Text Only (6th edition)
Horizons - Text Only
by Joan H. Manley
ISBN13: 978-1285428284
6th Edition
cover of Bien Dit!: French 1
Bien Dit!: French 1
by John DeMado
ISBN13: 978-0030398889
cover of En Avant: Beginning French (2nd edition)
En Avant: Beginning French
by Bruce Anderson and Annabelle Dolidon
ISBN13: 978-0073386461
2nd Edition
cover of Stranger
by Albert Camus and Matthew Ward
ISBN13: 978-0679720201
cover of Chez Nous-Myfrenchlab 24 Month Access (4th edition)
Chez Nous-Myfrenchlab 24 Month Access
by Albert Valdman
Access Code
ISBN13: 978-0205690961
4th Edition