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Applied Mathematics Textbooks

The Golden Gate bridge, stock market predictions, the plane you took on your last vacation - modern society would be nowhere without applied mathematics. And physics, engineering, pre-med, computer science, and economics majors would be nowhere without applied mathematics textbooks. Designed for real world application, the branches of applied mathematics include applied calculus, technical mathematics, applied statistics and probability, and applied geometry.

cover of Mathematics for the Trades - Text Only (10th edition)
Mathematics for the Trades - Text Only
by Robert A. Carman
ISBN13: 978-0133347777
10th Edition
cover of Analysis of Biological Data (2nd edition)
Analysis of Biological Data
by Michael Whitlock
ISBN13: 978-1936221486
2nd Edition
cover of Prac. Business Mathematics Procedures (12th edition)
Prac. Business Mathematics Procedures
by Slater
ISBN13: 978-1259540554
12th Edition
cover of Calculate With Confidence (7th edition)
Calculate With Confidence
by Deborah Gray Morris
ISBN13: 978-0323396837
7th Edition
cover of Medical Dosage Calculations (11th edition)
Medical Dosage Calculations
by June L. Olsen
ISBN13: 978-0133940718
11th Edition
cover of Elementary Statistics (13th edition)
Elementary Statistics
by Marty Triola
ISBN13: 978-0134462455
13th Edition
cover of Quantitative Analysis for Management (12th edition)
Quantitative Analysis for Management
by Barry Render and Ralph M. Stair
ISBN13: 978-0133507331
12th Edition
cover of Calculation of Drug Dosages: Worktext (10th edition)
Calculation of Drug Dosages: Worktext
by Sheila J. Ogden
ISBN13: 978-0323310697
10th Edition