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Sociology of Sports Textbooks

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cover of Successful College Athletic Program (97)

by John R. Gerdy

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Print On Demand
ISBN13: 978-1573565233
ISBN10: 1573565237

Edition: 97
cover of Sugarball : The American Game, the Dominican Dream (91)

by Alan M. Klein

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ISBN13: 978-0300052565
ISBN10: 0300052561

Edition: 91
cover of System : Glory and Scandal of Big-Time, Upd. (14)

by Jeff Benedict

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ISBN13: 978-0345803030
ISBN10: 0345803035

Edition: 14
cover of System: The Glory and Scandal of Big-Time College Football (13)

by Jeff Benedict

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ISBN13: 978-0385536615
ISBN10: 0385536615

Edition: 13
cover of Taboo :  Why Black Athletes Dominate Sports And Why We`re Afraid To Talk About It (00)

by Jon Entine

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ISBN13: 978-1586480264
ISBN10: 158648026X

Edition: 00
cover of Transnational Sport (12)

by Rachael Miyung Joo

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ISBN13: 978-0822348566
ISBN10: 082234856X

Edition: 12
cover of Understanding American Sports (09)

by Gerald R. Gems

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ISBN13: 978-0415443654
ISBN10: 0415443652

Edition: 09
cover of Understanding Sport Organizations (2ND 06)

by Trevor Slack and Mi...

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ISBN13: 978-0736056397
ISBN10: 0736056394

Edition: 2ND 06
cover of Unpaid Professionals : Commercialism and Conflict in Big-Time College Sports (99)

by Andrew Zimbalist

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ISBN13: 978-0691086903
ISBN10: 0691086907

Edition: 99
cover of What`s My Name, Fool?: Sports and Resistance in the United States (05)

by Dave Zirin

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ISBN13: 978-1931859202
ISBN10: 1931859205

Edition: 05
cover of Why Johnny Hates Sports : Why Organized Youth Sports Are Failing Our Children and What We Can Do About It (02)

by Fred Engh

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ISBN13: 978-0757000416
ISBN10: 075700041X

Edition: 02
cover of Why Sports Morally Still Matter (06)

by Morgan

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Print On Demand
ISBN13: 978-0415357746
ISBN10: 0415357748

Edition: 06
cover of With the Boys (87)

by Gary A. Fine

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-0226249377
ISBN10: 0226249379

Edition: 87