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Evolution & Genetics Textbooks

cover of Genetics: Conceptual Approach (Looseleaf) (5th edition)
Genetics: Conceptual Approach (Looseleaf)
by Benjamin A. Pierce
ISBN13: 978-1464150852
5th Edition
cover of Fundamentals of Molecular Evolution (2nd edition)
Fundamentals of Molecular Evolution
by Wen-Hsiung Li and Dan Graur
ISBN13: 978-0878932665
2nd Edition
cover of Human Evolutionary Genetics (2nd edition)
Human Evolutionary Genetics
by Mark Jobling
ISBN13: 978-0815341482
2nd Edition
cover of Selfish Gene, Anniversary Edition
Selfish Gene, Anniversary Edition
by Richard Dawkins
ISBN13: 978-0199291151
cover of Molecular Evolution
Molecular Evolution
by Roderic D. Page and Edward C. Holmes
Print On Demand
ISBN13: 978-0865428898
cover of Evolutionary Medicine
Evolutionary Medicine
by Stearns
ISBN13: 978-1605352602
cover of Principles of Human Evolution (2nd edition)
Principles of Human Evolution
by Roger Lewin and Robert Foley
ISBN13: 978-0632047048
2nd Edition
cover of Population Genetics and Microevolutionary Theory
Population Genetics and Microevolutionary Theory
by Alan R. Templeton
ISBN13: 978-0471409519