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General Microbiology Textbooks

cover of Ground-Water Microbiology and Geochemistry (93 edition)
Ground-Water Microbiology and Geochemistry
by Francis H. Chapelle
ISBN13: 978-0471529514
93 Edition
cover of He213: Microbiology (Custom) (13th edition)
He213: Microbiology (Custom)
by Fisher College
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ISBN13: 978-0390975515
13th Edition
cover of Industrial Microbiology (Paperback) (1st edition)
Industrial Microbiology (Paperback)
by Mike J. Waites, Neil L. Morgan, John S. Rockey and Gary Higton
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ISBN13: 978-0632053070
1st Edition
cover of Inquiry- Based Microbiology (6th edition)
Inquiry- Based Microbiology
by Keyser
ISBN13: 978-0757536960
6th Edition
cover of Intimate Strangers : Unseen Life on Earth (00 edition)
Intimate Strangers : Unseen Life on Earth
by Cynthia Needham
ISBN13: 978-1555811631
00 Edition
cover of Introduction to Microbiology - Laboratory Manual (Custom) (17th edition)
Introduction to Microbiology - Laboratory Manual (Custom)
by Columbus State Community College
ISBN13: 978-1681355504
17th Edition
cover of Laboratory Exercises in Microbiology (4th edition)
Laboratory Exercises in Microbiology
by Robert A. Pollack
ISBN13: 978-1118135259
4th Edition
cover of Laboratory Fundamentals Of Microbiology (11th edition)
Laboratory Fundamentals Of Microbiology
by Jeffrey Pommerville
ISBN13: 978-1284100976
11th Edition
cover of Living in a Microbial World (11th edition)
Living in a Microbial World
by Bruce Hofkin
ISBN13: 978-0815341758
11th Edition