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Natural Resources Law Textbooks

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cover of Legal Control of Water Resources (4TH 07)

by Sax, Thompson, Lesh...

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ISBN13: 978-0314163141
ISBN10: 031416314X

Edition: 4TH 07
cover of Legal Control of Water Resources (5TH 13)

by Barton H. Jr. Thomp...

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ISBN13: 978-0314284853
ISBN10: 0314284850

Edition: 5TH 13
cover of Modern Water Law (13)

by Robert W. Adler

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ISBN13: 978-1609302320
ISBN10: 160930232X

Edition: 13
cover of Natural Resource Administration: Wildlife, Fisheries, Forests and Parks (14)

by Donald W. Sparling

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ISBN13: 978-0124046474
ISBN10: 0124046479

Edition: 14
cover of Natural Resources Law and Policy (2ND 09)

by James R. Rasband

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ISBN13: 978-1599413440
ISBN10: 1599413442

Edition: 2ND 09
cover of Natural Resources Law and Policy (3RD 16)

by Rasband

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ISBN13: 978-1609304423
ISBN10: 160930442X

Edition: 3RD 16
cover of Natural Resources Law: Hornbook Series (02)

by Jan G. Laitos

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ISBN13: 978-0314263421
ISBN10: 031426342X

Edition: 02
cover of Natural Resources Law: Place-Based Book. (3RD 13)

by Christine A. Klein

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ISBN13: 978-1454825098
ISBN10: 145482509X

Edition: 3RD 13
cover of Oil and Gas : Cases and Materials (9TH 11)

by Patrick H. Martin

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ISBN13: 978-1609300500
ISBN10: 1609300505

Edition: 9TH 11
cover of Oil and Gas Law : Cases and Materials - Forms Manual (5TH 08)

by Lowe, Anderson, Smi...

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ISBN13: 978-0314183996
ISBN10: 031418399X

Edition: 5TH 08
cover of Oil and Gas: Cases and Materials (10TH 16)

by Martin

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ISBN13: 978-1634605908
ISBN10: 163460590X

Edition: 10TH 16
cover of Oil on the Brain : Petroleum`s Long, Strange Trip to Your Tank (07)

by Lisa Margonelli

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ISBN13: 978-0767916974
ISBN10: 0767916972

Edition: 07
cover of Prentice Hall`s Environmental Technology Series, Volume II : Environmental Regulations Overview (96)

by Neal K. Ostler and ...

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ISBN13: 978-0023895425
ISBN10: 002389542X

Edition: 96
cover of Riverkeepers : Two Activists Fight to Reclaim Our Environment as a Basic Human Right (97)

by John Cronin and Rob...

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ISBN13: 978-0684846255
ISBN10: 068484625X

Edition: 97
cover of Should Trees Have Standing? : Law, Morality, and the Environment (3RD 10)

by Christopher D. Ston...

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ISBN13: 978-0199736072
ISBN10: 0199736073

Edition: 3RD 10
cover of Slide Mountain (95)

by Theodore Steinberg

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ISBN13: 978-0520207097
ISBN10: 0520207092

Edition: 95
cover of Understanding Environmental Administration and Law (3RD 06)

by Susan J. Buck

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ISBN13: 978-1597260367
ISBN10: 1597260363

Edition: 3RD 06
cover of Understanding Environmental Law (3RD 13)

by Philip Weinberg

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ISBN13: 978-0769854953
ISBN10: 0769854958

Edition: 3RD 13
cover of What You See in Clear Water : Indians, Whites, and a Battle over Water Rights in the American West (00)

by Geoffrey O'Gara

Cover Type:
ISBN13: 978-0679735823
ISBN10: 0679735828

Edition: 00