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Basic & Preparatory Chemistry Textbooks

cover of Introductory Chemistry: Foundation (Hardback) (8th edition)
Introductory Chemistry: Foundation (Hardback)
by Steven S. Zumdahl and Donald J. DeCoste
ISBN13: 978-1285199030
8th Edition
cover of Introductory Chemistry (7th edition)
Introductory Chemistry
by Charles H. Corwin
ISBN13: 978-0321804907
7th Edition
cover of Chemistry: Atoms First (OER)
Chemistry: Atoms First (OER)
by Openstax
ISBN13: 978-1938168154
cover of Chemistry in Context (8th edition)
Chemistry in Context
by American Chemical Society
ISBN13: 978-0073522975
8th Edition
cover of Chemistry: Atoms-Focused Approach (Hardback) - Text Only (2nd edition)
Chemistry: Atoms-Focused Approach (Hardback) - Text Only
by Gilbert
ISBN13: 978-0393284218
2nd Edition
cover of Chemistry: Structure and Properties (Looseleaf) (2nd edition)
Chemistry: Structure and Properties (Looseleaf)
by Tro
ISBN13: 978-0134528229
2nd Edition
cover of Intro. to Chemical Principles (11th edition)
Intro. to Chemical Principles
by H. Stephen Stoker
ISBN13: 978-0321814630
11th Edition
cover of Chemistry: The Molecular Nature of Matter and Change (8th edition)
Chemistry: The Molecular Nature of Matter and Change
by Martin Silberberg
ISBN13: 978-1259631757
8th Edition
cover of Chemistry - With Access (4th edition)
Chemistry - With Access
by Thomas R. Gilbert
ISBN13: 978-0393919370
4th Edition